Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Okay... here are the results of the completely unscientific and multiple vote poll on this site, with the huge sample of 42 votes

1 Hardy Bucks 17 (40%)
2 Rental Boys 14 (33%)
3 Running Low 13 (30%)
3 Psych Ward 12 (28%)
4 Happy Slapper 12 (28%)
6 Pubworld 12 (28%)
7 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine 8 (19%)
8 Chez Spuds 7 (16%)
9 This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory 6 (14%)

Seems the REAL results are out -- shared with the world in COMMENTS below??!?!
(And hearing rumours of twists we weren't expecting??? - tell us more in COMMENTS below!)

1 comment:

ianras said...

From the RTE website:

1st Hardy Bucks
2nd Rental Boys
3rd Psych Ward
4th Happy Slapper
5th Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
6th Pub World
7th Running Low
8th Chez Spuds
9th This is not a conspiracy theory

Swap Rental Boys with Running Low and that's right enough.