Monday, 19 April 2010

UK Online Web Series Event - Kidmapper

Thanks to the Cyfle Multiplatform Symposium for putting me onto this...

Great example of how a closed narrative
(R.L. Stevenson's book, Kidnapped!)
can be turned into a live event - streamed on the web.

Tim Wright followed the route covered in the novel, in real time, streaming the journey as he went.
How a book begins
'Kidnapped' is a fantastically exciting book.
The story of David Balfour running for his life across the Highlands, sometimes accompanied by tough and rebellious Alan, sometimes pursued by the English army, seemed so visceral and exciting to me that I wanted to try it for myself.

So that is exactly what (Tim Wright did).
From 30th June to 25th August (2009), (He followed) a route across Scotland from the south western tip of Mull to the outskirts of Edinburgh, as charted in Chapters 14–27 of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Kidnapped’.




And this is the first web series I've linked with Google Maps

29th June: Starting On The Beach

This is my first day on the Kidnapped Trail, so here's a basic explanation of what I'm up to.

crossing the Forth with the Limekilns publican

Ian of the Ship Inn in Limekilns has had many people come into his pub and talk a good game about 'Kidnapped', but we are the first people he's been prepared to actually take across the river in his boat.

What a guy! He even cooked us a bowl of white pudding because that's what the 'fine lass' behind the bar does in the book. The rest of you, I'm afraid will have to take the bridge.

Lunacy, lunar landings and a confusion of Armstrongs

It doesnt surprise me at all to find comments on the blog referring to journeys and physical challenges currently in the news that mirror precisely what were doing here in terms of following a prescribed route, using manuals, never stopping despite what is thrown at us and unspooling a compelling narrative for others to enjoy and emulate.

Yes, Im talking about the moon landing of 40 years ago involving Armstrong *N* and the Tour de France involving Armstong *L*. If only an Armstong had won the Open also, we would have had a triumvirate of parallel events.


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