Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Online Drama... Running right now.


This is *really* different. But you have to catch it quick, as it seems to end on December 24th.

It takes a while to load and click through, and I'm still not fully sure what it's all about.

From Tokyo to Fukuoka,
one long distance relationship.
The distance, over 1000km.

The relationship, 2 and half years so far.
A man from Fukuoka, a woman from Tokyo,
to prove their love, they run.

This documentary is, until the saintly night of Dec 24th when the reunion happens, broadcasting the two's running paths. Their text messages, blogs and video chats, are open to the spectators in real-time.

This documentary will, for about a month, continue living in real-time.
We the audience, is going to observe their love relationship for the next one month to reconsider this monster, "love".

In order to virtually experience their long distance relationship, a male is directed to "a man" site, a female is directed to "a woman" site, in other words, you will be separated apart. This takes away internet freedom.

To tell a truth, this documentary is an advertisement. On the saintly night of Dec 24th, the client will be revealed. CF will be produced through the next one month.

Here's a frame from the introductory video.

And here's a screengrab of the live feed.
The pink and the blue show the progress of the couple getting together.

And you can track the two 'runners' on a live interactive map.


*This* is what it was about...

A brand integration. Ad-funded programming web series!

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