Thursday, 26 November 2009

UK web docusoap - THE SPECIALS - series set in Brighton, UK

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Got this great message from Katy...

Hi Neil

...wanted to get in touch with you now as my series is finally underway!

Here's some background:
The Specials is a docusoap series following the lives of 5 friends with learning disabilities who live together in Brighton. It's meant to be funny, touching, honest and definitely not worthy. The guys provide the voiceover for the series so the viewer is seeing the world through their eyes.

...It's been doing pretty well so far - we are up to Episode 8 - and we are getting some great comments on our forum & facebook site. yo think you might be willing to give us a mention on Story Gas even though we are a factual series?
Don't usually link to factual shows, but aww... go on then... as it's a UK based show...

Here's a question before the episode though,

Any ideas how these guys can get an even bigger audience?

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The Day Michael Jackson Died - the Specials' Tribute

The Specials watch the final of Britain's Got Talent - learning disability docusoap

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richard welsh said...

Hi - as strange as it sounds, your site is missing the most ambitious online/mobile drama of 2009! And it was a UK production.

Who Killed Summer? was fully funded by Vodafone, with additional sponsorship from Oakley and All Saints.

I created the show and produced the series with Bigballs Films (Kate Modern, Nokia Somebody Else's Phone etc)

We took a full crew and 6 actors to the biggest music events around Europe and the drama unfolded in real time at these events.

Every last bit of money went on production, which meant we sacrificed any money for PR.

We had Liam Gallagher and Glasvegas, our own soundtrack composed by Youtube phenomenon Nathan Flutebox Lee.

In terms of production, no one has ever tried to do what we rather crazily attempted - shoot, edit, Vodafone approval, translation into 6 languages, upload of 30 + pieces of HD content = 3 days.

We did that twice a week for 10 weeks.

Check the 5 minute round up video -

Our current showreel is also up there - I can get you the embed code from FB if you need.



richard welsh said...

oh - and you can reach me on