Monday, 23 November 2009

RTE STORYLAND 2 - Bewildering Life

Okay, there are going to be a few more of these today...

rte storyland 2 web series contest 2010

This one's been on StoryGas before - but all the episodes suddenly disappeared from YouTube... Maybe being entered for Irish broadcaster RTÉ STORYLAND 2 is the reason why...

Here's the link to the original post for BEWILDERING LIFE

And here is the new YouTube video...

Bewildering Life Promo
This is the promo for the Bewildering Life entry to RTE's Storyland 2.
To see the first seven episodes of series one go to :

CLICK HERE for all posts labelled RTÉ STORYLAND

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Marti said...

You can watch the complete season of BEWILDERING LIFE on KoldCast TV.