Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Online Comedy Web Series - POST NUP

From comment from Natasha left on WHAT IS STORYGAS
We thought that you would find our animated web series interesting :)

Post-Nup is an animated show about marriage. More specifically, it’s a show about that last hour of the day, on a night when it’s pretty apparent (at least to the woman) that there isn’t going to be any sex. Our interracial couple sits in bed, recaps their day, checks email, and reveals comedic insights about their relationship and modern, urban marriage in general.

Post-Nup is a new Web Series and we are actively employing new marketing strategies to create a larger online fan base for the show as we begin the process of streaming at different WebTV sites.

So far, we have secured about 10,000 views/month. As an exclusively online Web Series, we believe in the power of online marketing as a method of increasing the leverage of online video streaming.


PostNup: Episode 1

In Episode 1, Gaby is giving Omar the silent treatment. Unfortunately for Gaby, Omar discovers that being a cartoon has some amazing perks, such as being able to read your spouses thought bubbles. With access to Gabys brain (which, BTW, is still running Mac OS 9), Omar sees her thoughts, explores her fantasies, and ultimately, decides to use his cartoon power to control her.

Post-Nup: Episode 2

Post-Nup: Episode 3


POST-NUP also has a great blog about the process of web series production.

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The creators of this "comic" are spammers. They email their comic out to a mailing list. The sender adds email addresses to their mailing list without the consent of the recipient, then asks them to request removal (or "opt-out") if they don't want to continue to receive email. Opt-out email is unsolicited and is by definition spam. But good luck trying to unsubscribe. I tried to do so last week and still receive emails.

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