Friday, 3 June 2011

LIQUID LUNCH - UK comedy webseries

New UK based and shot comedy web series from DANNY STACK (-father of the awesome Screenwriting In The UK blog) - LIQUID LUNCH
"It’s about two guys who regularly meet in the pub to break up the monotony of their working day but when they realise life is passing them by, they decide to do something about it."
New eps every Friday

Liquid Lunch, ep1

'Jenny': Alex shares the news that he's been dumped by his girlfriend but he doesn't quite get the response he was expecting from Ollie.

Liquid Lunch, ep2

The Riddle': Alex confronts Ollie when he finds out the truth about Jenny.

Liquid Lunch, Ep3 Trailer


Danny also hosts the UK scriptwriters podcast... latest ep embedded below (or click here!)

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Danny Stack said...

Awesome shout-out, Neil, thanks so much!

God again said...

Hey Neil!

Nice to see some activity on the site again!

Would be great to get some Pro Show coverage, if you get a minute... Thanks!

storygas said...


FINALLY set up some links to your show!

Hope it gets you some googlejuice!