Thursday, 30 October 2008

UK Sci-Fi Online Drama Web series - KIRILL

From MediaGuardian:

MSN launches interactive online sci-fi drama

Kirill stars Gladiators and Pirates of the Caribbean actor David Schofield as a besieged blogger locked in a bleak, futuristic and sinister world and involved in a plot to save the planet.

The storyline is woven into MSN's interactive tools, including the social networking site Spaces, its instant messenger tool Live Search, and features developed using the development platform Silverlight. Visitors to MSN's site need to download Silverlight to watch the drama.

KIRILL web series home site:
(But you have to download "Silverlight" to be able to watch it? Will that obstruct an audience joining it?)

KIRILL on Facebook

February 2010 update:

UK sci-fi web series scifi webseries Kirill Where can I watch kiril kirril kirrill

Kirill is now also available on YouTube.

Kirill - Episode 1 - Tagged

Kirill - Episode 2 - Water

Kirill - Episode 3 - Outside

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UK Online Comedy Webseries - Chelsey OMG

Chelsea OMG UK online comedy web series webseries

From MediaGuardian:

Bebo launches comedy Chelsey: OMG!

Social networking website Bebo has made its first foray into comedy with the launch of an interactive show for teens, Chelsey: OMG!.

Bebo's new online show follows American Chelsey Pucks - played by Kelly Anne Lyons - as she moves from a cosseted background in the US to a job in London's fashion scene.

Chelsey: OMG! has been created for the social network by comedian Nat Coombs and Channel X, the UK independent production company that has previous worked with Ricky Gervais, Vic Reeves, Jonny Vegas, Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Peter Kay, Jonathan Ross and Jo Brand.

Two three-minute episodes of Chelsey: OMG! will be screened on each week, along with a host of additional footage featuring Chelsey and other characters.

More here:

The show's home is here:


Chelsey : OMG! - Episode 1

*** spoilers ***

Chelsey : OMG! - Episode 12
Chelsey recalls her favourite genius, Jens!

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Malaysian Online Drama!

Actress Tunku Tiara Yasmin Sofia Tunku Hassan, or Quiara, doesn’t bank on her looks to get jobs, writes SHUIB TAIB.

SHE’S tall and beautiful yet Tunku Tiara Yasmin Sofia Tunku Hassan doesn’t see this as an advantage.

The beauty, who plays Zelfa in’s Kerana Karina (which is in its third and final season), is unruffled by the unpredictability of showbusiness. #

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cologne Conference...

From the Hollywood Reporter...

COLOGNE, Germany -- Traditional television revenue models are crumbling, but that's nothing to be worried about, at least according a wide range of speakers at this year's Cologne Conference.

The main message to come out of the German TV festival and confab, which wrapped Monday, was that big industry bugaboos including Internet piracy and TiVo-like time-shifting technology won't mean the end of TV.

"Television is a parasite that lives on the back of other platforms," said MIT professor and media historian William Uricchio in his keynote. "The panic I'm seeing now (with regards to the Internet) has happened to TV before ... with the advent of the remote control and the video recorder."

Monday, 27 October 2008

New series... Neon Candy

Holly Goss
(OPENPRESS) October 10, 2008 -- This Friday Ford Fiesta is proud to launch Neon Candy – a real online lifestyle bible for girls who crave the latest in culture and fashion accompanied by a stylish funky online drama...

The show itself is on the link below...
Can't seem to embed it, unfortunately, so can't push an episode here
(are we missing a click amongst the glossy frames?)

** UPDATE -- Neon Candy youtube channel appeared here early November 2008**

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Storyland launch press release


"RTÉ launches innovative new competition to develop drama series for the web

Monday, 6 October 2008
RTÉ today launched StoryLand, an innovative project, inviting new and experienced programme makers to make drama series specifically for the web, aimed at the 19-25 year old audience.

Aspiring and experienced programme makers are invited to make pitches for a 6-part drama series to be webcast in March 2009. From the pitches received, a panel chaired by Irish scriptwriter and actor Mark O'Halloran (Adam & Paul, Garage, Prosperity) will commission 10 new pilot drama series to be webcast on

StoryLand is a unique project in which the viewer decides which series they would like to see more of. Each pilot first episode will be webcast on

The power is then in the viewers hands! The audience will vote on-line and decide which series should be re-commissioned for second and subsequent episodes.



Friday, 24 October 2008

Gifted Babies blog on!

Someone else out there (in Cork) too...

Yeah! Someone's out there talking storyland...!

Great thread here...

Irish Online Drama

Today, just now, Friday 24th October 2008, 15:00ish, did a google search on the phrase "Irish online drama".

And got one result.


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Think this is my favourite online comedy / webseries... THE GUILD

This is The Guild.

The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call

Cyd Sherman's online gaming addiction brings more than she bargains for...

The Guild is a independent sitcom web series about a group of online gamers. The show started in the late summer of 2007, and for the first season was financed solely by Paypal donations from LOYAL FANS. Since season 2, The Guild has been distributed by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint.

Episodes vary from 3-8 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline.

Click here for the story behind The Guild.
Seems like a bunch of writers and actors got together... and just made it, and uploaded it themselves...

From wikipedia,

"The guild was inspired and written by Felicia Day, an avid gamer, who until 2006 had been playing World of Warcraft.

After a 2 year gaming addiction Day decided to make something productive from her experiences and wrote the series as a sitcom pilot. Day hoped to show that the stereotype of a man living in his parent's basement is not the only kind of gamer.

Due to concerns that a wider (television) audience would not be receptive to the comparatively niche setting, she decided to follow through with it online with Jane Selle Morgan and Kim Evey. Day already knew Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis from the Empty Stage, a Los Angeles based comedy theatre, and their roles were written for them. The rest of the cast was filled through auditions.

After filming the first 3 episodes in just two and a half days they faced the problem of funding. After putting a donation link to Paypal the 4th and 5th episode were almost solely financed by donations"

Web series online comedy The Guild Forums and fan site

"THE GUILD" on Twitter

"THE GUILD" on Facebook



The Guild - Episode 2: Zaboo'd

Cyd Sherman's imaginary world becomes all too real when a gnome warlock shows up on her doorstep.

The Guild - Episode 3: The Macro Problem

Codex's problem with Zaboo gets sidetracked by a crisis in The Guild.

I probably can't recommend more highly following Felicia Day, if you're interested in creating a web series. Try these links below.

Click here for Felicia Day's BLOG

FELICIA DAY on twitter

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How the hell do you clear music for online drama or web series?

Any idea how you clear music for an online show.

Leave us a comment by clicking on "comments" below!

If you take an episode of, say, lonelygirl15.

They have music running in the episode. On the youtube page, and on the production's show page, the description of the episode contains a link to the music running in it.

Are those links part of the deal with the artist to clear the music?

Suppose if you link to a performer, they'll link from their sites to you too...
Like here...

Which is another way of motivating fans...

The other way to clear music seems to be licencing it "off the shelf"... or... off the webpage.

Some music sites seem to have a direct "licence" or "license" option on their page...

So, like here...

There is a tab at the top of the page, "licensing"...
If you click on THAT link, it shows you the source, which, rather helpfully has details of how to licence it for *your* production.

Has anyone done this?
If you purchase the licence... does that cover everything?
(is that all you need to do???)

And are there any musicians, bands, labels out there who want to leave a comment below to plug their work (or looking to be linked to, or licence their work to, an online drama?!)