Friday, 14 November 2008

Online Drama... Hooking Up

From MarketingVox:-
Hoping to win online street cred (and a new captive audience), HBO cobbled together a collection of popular online entertainers for a new web series, Hooking Up, which debuts this fall.

Produced by experimental department HBOlab, the first episode goes live on October 1st. It will appear on video portals like YouTube and MySpace, as well as on its own website.

The show takes place at a fictional university called Bask U, and plot development revolves around communication — or rather, miscommunication — via email, IM, and Twitter.

Trailer here:

"Hooking Up" show home site here:

Can you embed? YES
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"Hooking Up" youtube channel here:

"Hooking Up" first episode here:

"HookingUp" show forums:

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