Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Power to the pixel

"POWER TO THE PIXEL is a not-for-profit company that provides the independent film community with the latest in depth information and knowledge about new opportunities available in the transforming digital media landscape."

From Power To The Pixel:-

"With the 2008 live events finished, the London Forum will now continue its virtual life on the Power to the Pixel website. Over the weeks to come, the site will present a video archive of the presentations and panels, as well as publish additional speaker interviews, articles and related information. These resources will document key ideas and innovations, providing further discussion on how the film community can efficiently fund, produce and distribute independent projects."

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"Equal parts cinema, alternate-reality game (ARG), dance club, and social network, Breathe is Expanding Universe's attempt at both redefining existing entertainment genres and inventing entirely new ones."

"Through workshop sessions, one-to-one meetings and screenings, film-makers and entrepreneurs discussed digital distribution as a means of reaching audiences by cutting out the middle man, and retaining control of rights and profits."

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