Monday, 3 November 2008

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From New Tee Vee:

Television Reinvented

The revolution isn’t just being televised, it’s an unstoppable torrent. Online video is the influential new medium du jour. A medium that has seen start-ups go from zero to multi-billion dollar acquisitions in less than a few years. NewTeeVee describes and analyzes the future of the business of online video, including how high-quality digital video will be produced, distributed and monetized across the web. We dig into and analyze those ecosystems which connect the online video world to the business world along with audiences of traditional TV, movie theaters, mobiles, and other platforms. An industry insider publication initially, our audience now spans the spectrum of online entertainment professionals.

Points readers to hot, new online video startups
Traces talent, money, code and data across the network
Provides fearless and impartial analysis on what’s hot and what’s about to flop
Combines skepticism with a healthy sense of wonder for all the rapidly changing developments in the online video industry.
Showcases the best online videos and rising creative talent through on-site features and at the popular Pier Screening series of summer events.

Traditional media companies
Content distribution networks
Advertising agencies
On-screen talent
Content creators
Content Verticals
Online video
Legal and regulatory
Networks and studios
Money and power
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