Thursday, 5 February 2009

Online Drama... No Warning

No Warning is an exciting new Internet-based video series based in Northern Ireland. It is a Science Fiction adventure with a twist – for the viewers to follow the story they have to solve cryptic puzzles in order to progress and to find out more information.

To help people delve deeper into the story a forum has been set up to encourage a community-based culture where people can discuss all aspects of what they have seen, possible story arcs, as well as the puzzles themselves. If people cannot solve a particular puzzle to watch a key video the community is encouraged to help them along in the spirit of sportsmanship.



neXCorp website - The corporation within the story

Gabriel's 2nd Broadcast (No Warning episode 3)
"Gabriel has had to make his second broadcast on the fly, as his headquarters has been discovered..."

No Warning article on Culture Northern Ireland
From Culture
Something sinister happened in Northern Ireland during the summer of 2007. Strange lights were seen in the skies. People started to disappear. Everything was not as it seemed.

In the present day, footage of the missing individuals has been uncovered and released on the internet, arriving just as mysteriously as the disappearances themselves. A new telecommunications and software corporation, Nexcorp, promises great services and products. Yet their origin and motives remain shrouded in mystery.

Through the fog of uncertainty a beacon of hope begins to shine: an emissary named Gabriel claims to know the answers, but cannot deliver his message directly. Dark forces are watching his every move, and Gabriel knows he must stay one step ahead if the truth is to be told.

For now, only questions remain. Where have the missing people gone? Will they ever return? Who will help Gabriel overcome his series of cryptic clues? And what, or who, is Nexcorp really after?

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Sarah said...

OK I watched a tiny bit of this and honestly wasn't pushed, it seems a little lame, is it maybe trying too hard? Is there too much going on?