Monday, 2 February 2009

StoryGas In January

So... this month -- with added exclamation marks...

Added a feature on the right hand side, so that you can sign up for a daily digest of the posts here. It looks really good... picture from my webmail below...

The box is on the right or follow this link to the friendly form.

Feeding posts, and things I'm watching, while I'm watching them, here

Dropped the Amazon banners -- they seemed to slow the site down to a crawl, and reduced the number of posts when you land here to 10 -- both seem to really speed things up.

Also, thanks to Stuart Morrison for forwarding the display problems with embedded videos.
Some browsers show large videos like this:

Now choosing embed codes with smaller numbers...

Speaking at the annual writers day at De Montfort University, Leicester, on Saturday 7th March with Sofia's Diary writer Melanie Martinez... something in the works for an online show for an international broadcaster... and another will go into production as soon as the rest of the sponsorship is sold...
Apparently, it's all financially very very quiet out there. For some reason.

Thanks for your comments, suggestions and links -- on COMMENTS below!

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