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Saturday, 29 November 2008

How Much Web Drama for £1.3m?

From FutureScape:-

"That was the question we posed last week to British Web producers, following Jane Tranter’s announcement that the BBC had earmarked £1.3m for online drama.

The initial reactions were sceptical. From Tim Wright at XPT, creator of the BAFTA award-winning Online Caroline: "So how many original online dramas can you make for £1.3m? one? thirteen? twenty-six? ;-) "

And in the comments, Garret Keogh, Director of Content, digital department of RDF Media: "I was thinking the same as Tim. You don't get a lot of drama for £1.3 million. Even in the digital space."
Futurescape invited some other producers to share their opinions of what’s feasible...



Friday, 28 November 2008

Online Drama... Sofia's Diary

From wikipedia:-

Sofia's Diary is a drama that is shown online through the social networking site Bebo, which is the same site that hosts KateModern.

A version of Sofia's Diary originally came out in 2003 in Portugal. This means it actually predates the first video of lonelygirl15 which came out in 2006. Sofia is played by 21-year-old Rachel Hyde-Harvey.


"Sofia is a 17 year old girl, who now lives with her dad, step-mother and step-brother (also known as 'Devil Child'). The story begins when Sofia finds her (now ex) boyfriend kissing her step-sister Trisha. As revenge, she plays a trick on her ex, but it backfired and somehow she managed to set the whole chemistry lab on fire. Doing this got her suspended. Her mum then found some ecstasy tablets in her bedroom, so she decided to send her away to London, to live with her dad, his wife and their baby. Her best friend, Sean, recently died from a random gunshot."


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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Clark and Michael

From wikipedia:-
"Clark and Michael is a CBS Internet television series created by and starring Clark Duke and Michael Cera. The series takes the form of a mockumentary following Duke and Cera's ambitions to write and sell a pilot for a television series. Influences on the show include comedy group Stella, Arrested Development, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' Mr. Show, British mockumentary The Office, comedian Larry David, The Larry Sanders Show and the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network.

Duke and Cera play fictionalized versions of themselves, Cera describing the characters as "more idiotic and more deluded". The series is a low-budget affair, filmed on handheld cameras by friends of the duo. The cameras are acknowledged by Clark, Michael and others, who will sometimes address them or those operating them; in one scene, an upset Michael shouts a cameraman out of the bathroom, after which Clark angrily points out to the crew that their contract states "no bathroom stuff". Boom mics are often visible, and the crew have also intervened in fights between Clark and Michael."




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CLARK & MICHAEL epsiode 1 part 2

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 2 - "Dinner and a Show"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 3 - MISSING???

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 4 - "DA Dad and the Break-Up"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 5 - "Driving School"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 6 - "Office Hunting"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 7 - "Premium Milkshakes"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 8 - "Writing Partners"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 9 - "There Is Only One Highlander"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 10 part 1 - "Kings of Holly"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 10 part 2 - "Kings of Holly"

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Online Drama... Katie & Co.

katie & co online drama sponsored by Jacobs Creek on the Daily Mail
From BrandRepublic:-

LONDON - The Mail on Sunday has secured a commercial tie-up with wine brand Jacob's Creek, which will sponsor exclusively created online drama, Katie & Co, broadcast solely on MailOnline.

The campaign, which launches this month, includes a tailored microsite along with a print campaign across The Mail on Sunday, and its supplement magazines, Live and You magazine.
More here:


Behind the scenes video on youtube:

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Monday, 24 November 2008

New Online Comedy Drama... Til Jihad Do Us Part

From TilJihadDoUsPart YouTube channel:-
Meena is a successful, modern British Asian and not-so-Muslim young woman whose love life is a series of constant disappointments and lying boyfriends. Sarwar is a top Indian spy who hates lying but the disastrous end to a successful operation forces Sarwar to flee to the UK still undercover.

When sparks fly, both of them decide to do whats most difficult for them: to get married. For Meena it means trusting Sarwar; for Sarwar it means lying to Meena. But the truth is soon thrust upon Sarwar when the terrorists he previously foiled come running (and tripping) after him, putting both his life and Meena's in grave danger.






Sunday, 23 November 2008

New Online Comedy... Hardy Bucks

Welcome to Castletown, Co. Mayo. Home of Eddie Durkin and Buzz McDonnell. Eddie's thinking about a new start in Galway but will Buzz follow?


Shortlisted for RTE's Storyland - latest updates here

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Interactive Drama - A brief history (up to November last year)

Found a great summary of the history of online drama (2001 to November 2007!) on the link below.

From Digital Consultant:-

"Interactive drama – a brief history
Online interactive drama is a synthesis of broadcast drama, live role play, game play and interactive social media, relying heavily on a sense of user engagement, interactivity and playfulness. However, interactivity creates a dilemma of intellectual property - who ‘owns’ the content, therefore who can exploit and monetise it? Fan fiction - cultural fan production – especially creates added dilemmas. Harry Potter Puppet Pals, a totally unauthorised puppet response to the films and novels of JK Rowling, is gathering quite a following of its own thanks to bottom-up user platforms like YouTube."


Friday, 21 November 2008

Web pioneers benefit from growing budgets

From Broadcast:-
Endemol UK, Conker Media and film production company Big Balls have emerged as the early market leaders in online comedy, drama and entertainment, according to the first attempt to offer a snapshot of the sector.

The three indies have each made, or are developing, at least four of the 50 online shows which web research group Futurescape estimates have been commissioned by UK broadcasters and commercial companies over the past two years. The shows are content primarily for digital platforms rather than web content to support existing TV shows.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Welcome To The Big Pitch

From The Big Pitch:-
The Big Pitch is a dynamic competition where the UK’s most talented, up and coming filmmakers pitch their film ideas to win the largest feature film production prize in the UK.

Who wins? You decide.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Power to the pixel

"POWER TO THE PIXEL is a not-for-profit company that provides the independent film community with the latest in depth information and knowledge about new opportunities available in the transforming digital media landscape."

From Power To The Pixel:-

"With the 2008 live events finished, the London Forum will now continue its virtual life on the Power to the Pixel website. Over the weeks to come, the site will present a video archive of the presentations and panels, as well as publish additional speaker interviews, articles and related information. These resources will document key ideas and innovations, providing further discussion on how the film community can efficiently fund, produce and distribute independent projects."

More here:

News articles here:
"Equal parts cinema, alternate-reality game (ARG), dance club, and social network, Breathe is Expanding Universe's attempt at both redefining existing entertainment genres and inventing entirely new ones."

"Through workshop sessions, one-to-one meetings and screenings, film-makers and entrepreneurs discussed digital distribution as a means of reaching audiences by cutting out the middle man, and retaining control of rights and profits."

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Online drama web series - LONELYGIRL15

lonelygirl5 lonely girl 15 lonelygirl lonelygril15

From wikipedia:-

"lonelygirl15 was an interactive web-based video series which began in June 2006, and ended on August 1, 2008.

The show focuses on the life of a fictional teenage girl named Bree, whose YouTube username is the eponymous "lonelygirl15", but the show does not reveal its fictional nature to its audience.

First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

After the fictional status of the show was revealed in September 2006, the show gradually evolved into a multi-character show including both character videoblogs and action sequences, with a complex story universe involving "trait positive girls" who are sought by an evil organization called "The Order".

Lonelygirl15 first came to international attention ostensibly as a "real" video blogger who achieved massive popularity on YouTube. The show was eventually proved as a hoax by suspicious viewers as featuring a fictitious character played by American-New Zealand actress Jessica Rose.

The three creators of Lonelygirl15, first revealed by the The New York Times, were Ramesh Flinders, a screenwriter and filmmaker from Marin County, California, Miles Beckett, a surgical residency dropout turned filmmaker, and Greg Goodfried, a former attorney with Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp, LLP.

The series began on June 16, 2006, and was slated to run through August 1, 2008. New videos appeared, at a clip of four to five a week, first on YouTube and, also on MySpace. As of July 2008, the series has had more than 110 million combined views."

More here:-

New York Times Article here


LONELYGIRL15 EPISODE 2 - Purple Monkey


LONELYGIRL15 EPISODE 3 - School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!!


lonelygirl 15 home page




loneonlygirl 15 lonelygilr lonelygirl15 you tube channel


with the creators of lonelygirl15 (From November 2006?)

Behind Lonelygirl15 (interview) - From January 2008

Rocketboom field correspondent Chuck Olsen interviews Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, the creators of lonelygirl15.

Lonelygirl15: The Resistance on Tilzy.TV

Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried - creators of Lonelygirl15 and Kate Modern and founders of new media company EQAL - talk with Josh Cohen of Tilzy.TV about LG15: The Resistance, why the series is different, and how the LG15 world comes to life.

'Lonelygirl15' creators Beckett, Goodfried discuss new drama - from Sept 2008

"We call the shows that we produce 'social shows,' and they're very different from a TV show or a film,"

"The way that you actually construct the narrative, the way that the plot points flow over the course of the week, the way the site interplays with the video, the way the community works together and talks to the videos and talks to the characters, is all different,"


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Monday, 17 November 2008

Making a drama out of a credit crisis

From The Independent:-

"It could be a front-page headline from virtually any time over the past few months. But anyone visiting a website called Crisis in the Credit System will find something startlingly different from the familiar, dry editorialising. Instead, it's a 40-minute online drama described by its makers as "bizarre scenarios reflecting the strangeness of our situation today: life governed increasingly by abstract exchange and the accumulation of profit". Confused? You will be, almost certainly.

Divided into four short, free, downloadable episodes designed to resemble, at first sight, a television series, Crisis in the Credit System begins in a (relatively) conventional vein, as five employees of a large investment bank gather for a brainstorming retreat at an elegant country mansion. Their assignment: to find new ways of tackling the credit crunch via role-play sessions."


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EPISODE ONE is here:

From youtube:
"Crisis in the Credit System is a four-part drama dealing with the credit crisis, scripted and directed by artist Melanie Gilligan. A major investment bank runs a brainstorming and role-playing session for its employees, asking them to come up with strategies for coping with todays dangerous financial climate.

Role-playing their way into increasingly bizarre scenarios, they find themselves drawing disturbing conclusions about the deeper significance of the crisis and its effects beyond the world of finance. Using fiction to communicate what is left out of documentary accounts of the crisis, the short, TV-style episodes reflect the strangeness of life today in which the financial abstractions that govern our lives appear to be collapsing."

Artangel's company site here:


Saturday, 15 November 2008

Creating cutting edge web drama is hard

Stuart Cosgrove on Online Drama.

"...the mechanics of drama are always changing and that has led to a frustrating paradox. The web is a phenomenal arena of innovation and yet "web drama" is painfully underdeveloped and charmingly naive. Maybe the explanation lies deep in history. Teen revelation dramas like Lonely Girl 15, Kate Modern and Sofia's Diary may just be the cave-drawings of civilisations yet to come.

Those most frequently cited web-dramas largely rely on shifting recognisable forms onto new platforms, creating "telly on the web," rather than interrogating the uniqueness of the internet, and its alchemy of search, participation and networking."
More here:-

Friday, 14 November 2008

Online Drama... Hooking Up

From MarketingVox:-
Hoping to win online street cred (and a new captive audience), HBO cobbled together a collection of popular online entertainers for a new web series, Hooking Up, which debuts this fall.

Produced by experimental department HBOlab, the first episode goes live on October 1st. It will appear on video portals like YouTube and MySpace, as well as on its own website.

The show takes place at a fictional university called Bask U, and plot development revolves around communication — or rather, miscommunication — via email, IM, and Twitter.

Trailer here:

"Hooking Up" show home site here:

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"Hooking Up" youtube channel here:

"Hooking Up" first episode here:

"HookingUp" show forums:

HBO Labs blog:


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Interactive Drama... Bow Street Runner

From Animation World Network (

Interact With The London Underground in Bow Street Runner
October 09, 2008

Littleloud Animation Studios are presenting BOW STREET RUNNER at MIPCOM, a Web-based interactive drama set in the Georgian London underworld to support Channel 4's CITY OF VICE television series.

The production includes a range of digital techniques including 3D sets, dynamic composition and seamlessly integrated live action footage, producing a unique cinematic experience to the online drama environment.

The production cast is lead by the accomplished British actor Julian Glover.

BOW STREET RUNNER involves the player working their way through a series of crime scenes, collecting evidence and interviewing characters in the tough and unruly Georgian Covent Garden.

The full five-part drama series is now live at:

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The medium and the message


The medium and the message

Hobbling the internet to keep television safe is a bad idea, says Bill Thompson

There are often moments during the widespread adoption of transformative technologies where an old way of thinking or doing business is so threatened by the new possibilities that its adherents call on those with political power to "Do Something!"

It never works.

If the music industry had spent more time thinking of ways to deliver great music to its customers over the internet and less lobbying politicians and suing potential customers it would probably be thriving by now.

Book publishers, less certain of their own importance, are taking notice of the exciting experiments at Faber & Faber and Penguin instead of looking for protectionist legislation to keep the new media world at bay.

Regulation redux
And for a while it looked like television was keen to embrace the possibilities for online delivery and greater engagement that the network offered.

Yet now it seems that Culture Secretary Andy Burnham thinks television in the UK is so special that it needs to be kept safe from attack by the nasty people of the online world.

Apparently it is time to "even up" regulation between the internet and television because those producing online material get an easy ride.


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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

cablog! The Alarms - A Story In Words

From Cablog!:

'The Alarms - A Story In Words'

"The Alarms - A Story In Words' is a mock rock doc with an original approach to storytelling that embraces the world of low budget film making with open arms and shallow pockets. The movie chronicles the life of a fictitious Irish rock band from its birth, through its growing pains, eye opening education and disenchanted maturity into its final resting place in a whole load of money, a whole load of press and a whole load of police."

Monday, 10 November 2008

Felicia Day’s ‘The Guild’ Stays Indie, Season 2 Drops November 20th

"For all you Felicia Day fans, a full new season of The Guild is coming November 20th, and this time in high definition. Web star and famed new media producer, Miss Felicia Day has turned down numerous offers for sponsorship deals for the series. She dropped by Revision 3’s Internet Superstars (above) last week to update Martin Sargenton the future of the series, and life as a gamer."

Link to interview with Martin Sargent on Revision 3:

Sunday, 9 November 2008

UK Online Drama Web Series - KATEMODERN

kate modern web show web series online drama katemodern

From wikipedia:-
KateModern is the sister series of lonelygirl15. The series, which was announced on April 16, 2007, began filming on July 9 and the first video, Fight and Flight, was released on July 16. The show is produced by LG15 in partnership with Bebo. It ended on June 28, 2008, slightly less than a year following its original release.

KateModern is set in East London, England, and bears many similarities to its parent series. Both Kate and Bree are avid video bloggers and carry a dark secret. There is an alternate reality game component of the series as well.

You could either watch the show here, on the KateModern bebo site
"KateModern ran from 16th July 2007 to 28th June 2008 and was produced by the creators of lonelygirl15 - EQAL. During it's highly successful year long run it was nominated for two TV Craft BAFTA awards, a Webby Award and won the Broadcast Press Guild Award for Innovation 2008."

Or here on the lonelygirl15 katemodern show site:

KATEMODERN WIKI, on the LGpedia:

And the Production Team even have their own bebo profile:

KateModern Forums are here:

GMTV Behind the Scenes item on KateModern here:

katemodern kate modern press articles reviews

Here are some press articles on the show...
Kate Modern herself was killed off at the start of the second series; a bit of a bold move you might think, but the format of the show means it is constantly breaking new ground.“You can interact with the story, talk to the characters, comment on the plot – we get feedback all the time,” explains Rushton.

“What I find so interesting is the fact that people are coming together and discussing the show, but they’re also coming together to discuss things that lie outside of the show that affect them. People actually come to you on Bebo and share their experiences and they feel like they’ve got a place to do that. It’s the way that communication is going.”
The Independent
kate modern katemodern on bebo profile
We told you last month about the planned wrap-up of KateModern, the very successful Internet television show exclusive to the AOL-owned Bebo social network.

Well, today’s the day that all is put to pasture. KateModern is having its finale, and it’s going out with 12 episodes in 12 hours. The countdown to the series close began earlier this morning and will stretch to 7PM EST, with hourly videos releases complemented by live chats with and among the fanbase.

In fact, due to its viral achievements EQAL was able to secure both a $5 million Series A funding round and CBS partnership in the space of a single month.
BEBO's Kate Modern has become an internet sensation since being launched a year ago.
More than 66 million people have logged on to view the interactive online drama's 'webisodes' since July 2007.

TV Biz has an exclusive preview of this week's season 2 finale for your pleasure. It features Ralf Little and man-of-the-moment Noel Clarke - who wrote, directed and starred in the Kidulthood and Adulthood films.
The Sun
Who killed KateModern? It's the question that has been occupying several million minds since the beginning of the year, when the heroine of the eponymously named online drama met her end. Kate, for those who have been living in a bunker since July 2007, is, or rather, was, a troubled teenage university art student living in London. She had a dark past that she was unable to remember and was somehow connected to a secret organisation called The Order.
The Guardian

who was in kate modern katemodern
Social networking site Bebo is to shock fans of hit online drama Kate Modern by killing off its eponymous star in the first episode of its new series.

The series' first sponsors - which get to see their products placed within the video - will be Cadbury's Creme Egg and Toyota's youth-targeted car Aygo. Sponsors of the first series included Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Warner Music, Paramount and Orange, which each paid up to £250,000 to appear within the show.

No figures have been revealed about what each company might pay to be involved with the second series.

However, each company stumps up cash based on the amount its brand is integrated into the storyline, which includes monitoring the number of times it appears in the video and is mentioned in the script.
The Guardian

kate modern web series katemodern bebo originals
KateModern, the flagship online drama broadcast by social networking site Bebo, will wrap up for the last time at the end of June, it was announced today.

The last part of series two will air on June 28, with Bebo promising a "high octane" ending with multiple episodes.

Featuring Royle Family star Ralph Little, the interactive drama has run for more than 300 four-minute episodes since it launched in July last year, racking up more than 57 million views.

Bebo wanted the show to "encourage unprecedented interactivity" with its audience and has also tried to distinguish itself from rival social networking sites by building up original content.

Users are given interactive tools to "talk" to KateModern characters and producers from the series, suggest storylines and solve puzzles in the plot.

The Bebo president, Joanna Shields, said KateModern has "created a new genre and demonstrated the power of media on a social network with gripping storylines and peerless production values".
The Guardian

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New Australian Online Drama webseries... OZGIRL

"Eighteen-year-old filmmaker Nicholas Carlton hopes OzGirl will be “Australia’s first social web show where you get to truly interact with the characters and establish a dialogue with them.” The Aussie-based web series will launch this coming January with two episodes posted per week on Mondays and Thursdays. OzGirl will chronicle the journey of Sadie (Sophie Tilson) as she journeys to the big city in search of love and adventure.

Fans can keep up with Sadie through her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. Based on the trailer (above), the series does not look like more than a video confessional, shot as a documentary. But Carlton is well aware of the comparisons when shooting a video blog show (LonelyGirl15, RedEarth88). On his blog, he says the show will avoid death, and instead focus on “good, old-fashioned melodrama.”

OzGirl's home show site here:-

Trailer here:-

Behind the scenes blog here:-
"One of the other challenges has been in designing the story. Whilst 2 videos are released a week, a lot of the story takes place “off-screen” on blogs and through the character’s postings on Facebook and MySpace, and we are attempting to incorporate an interactive aspect to the show."

Irish Blog Awards...

Irish Web and Blog Awards...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New Online Comedy... Children's Hospital


The Daily Show's Rob Corddry created a new web series for (it lives! Online! So there, The CW) called Children's Hospital. We find it hard to believe they're actually producing this thing, but we've been assured by reps from Warners' online arm Studio 2.0 that about a dozen episodes are on the way.
Based on the trailer above—packed with an impressively pedigreed cast including The State's Ken Marino and David Wain, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and Megan Mullally—this thing might actually be worth sneaking in before lunch while your boss isn't looking.

Unfortunately, you don't seem to be able to watch the actual series outside the U.S....

But here's Rob Corddry talking about the show for about 6 seconds (at 06:55) on the Conan O'Brien show.

If you are "inside" the United States, you can watch it here. Apparently.


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Writers' Guild GB & WGA Online Writing Guidelines... - writing for webseries in the UK

From The Writers' Guild of Great Britain: (May 2008)

Guild publishes online guidelines

The Writers’ Guild has produced new guidelines to help members writing online drama and other content. While some online content falls within existing minimum terms agreements, much does not, and the guidelines will provide a benchmark for both writers and producers.

Guidelines PDF here:

From The Writers' Guild of America (West Coast):

New Media

The New Media section of the WGAW site is currently under development and will be available with more information soon.

In the meantime please know that New Media is covered by the WGA Minimum Basic Agreement per the Made for Internet Sideletter.

Monday, 3 November 2008

NewTeeVee - Online Content News Site

From New Tee Vee:

Television Reinvented

The revolution isn’t just being televised, it’s an unstoppable torrent. Online video is the influential new medium du jour. A medium that has seen start-ups go from zero to multi-billion dollar acquisitions in less than a few years. NewTeeVee describes and analyzes the future of the business of online video, including how high-quality digital video will be produced, distributed and monetized across the web. We dig into and analyze those ecosystems which connect the online video world to the business world along with audiences of traditional TV, movie theaters, mobiles, and other platforms. An industry insider publication initially, our audience now spans the spectrum of online entertainment professionals.

Points readers to hot, new online video startups
Traces talent, money, code and data across the network
Provides fearless and impartial analysis on what’s hot and what’s about to flop
Combines skepticism with a healthy sense of wonder for all the rapidly changing developments in the online video industry.
Showcases the best online videos and rising creative talent through on-site features and at the popular Pier Screening series of summer events.

Traditional media companies
Content distribution networks
Advertising agencies
On-screen talent
Content creators
Content Verticals
Online video
Legal and regulatory
Networks and studios
Money and power
Visit NewTeeVee by clicking here

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