Thursday, 6 November 2008

New Australian Online Drama webseries... OZGIRL

"Eighteen-year-old filmmaker Nicholas Carlton hopes OzGirl will be “Australia’s first social web show where you get to truly interact with the characters and establish a dialogue with them.” The Aussie-based web series will launch this coming January with two episodes posted per week on Mondays and Thursdays. OzGirl will chronicle the journey of Sadie (Sophie Tilson) as she journeys to the big city in search of love and adventure.

Fans can keep up with Sadie through her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. Based on the trailer (above), the series does not look like more than a video confessional, shot as a documentary. But Carlton is well aware of the comparisons when shooting a video blog show (LonelyGirl15, RedEarth88). On his blog, he says the show will avoid death, and instead focus on “good, old-fashioned melodrama.”

OzGirl's home show site here:-

Trailer here:-

Behind the scenes blog here:-
"One of the other challenges has been in designing the story. Whilst 2 videos are released a week, a lot of the story takes place “off-screen” on blogs and through the character’s postings on Facebook and MySpace, and we are attempting to incorporate an interactive aspect to the show."

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