Friday, 24 October 2008

How the hell do you clear music for online drama or web series?

Any idea how you clear music for an online show.

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If you take an episode of, say, lonelygirl15.

They have music running in the episode. On the youtube page, and on the production's show page, the description of the episode contains a link to the music running in it.

Are those links part of the deal with the artist to clear the music?

Suppose if you link to a performer, they'll link from their sites to you too...
Like here...

Which is another way of motivating fans...

The other way to clear music seems to be licencing it "off the shelf"... or... off the webpage.

Some music sites seem to have a direct "licence" or "license" option on their page...

So, like here...

There is a tab at the top of the page, "licensing"...
If you click on THAT link, it shows you the source, which, rather helpfully has details of how to licence it for *your* production.

Has anyone done this?
If you purchase the licence... does that cover everything?
(is that all you need to do???)

And are there any musicians, bands, labels out there who want to leave a comment below to plug their work (or looking to be linked to, or licence their work to, an online drama?!)

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