Friday, 26 March 2010

10 Steps For A Facebook Fan Page - from the next web

Via @LucFalempin

Great top 10 list by Ayelet Noff on how to create a fan page on facebook.

The tips are written from the angle of social marketing for brands...

but it's a pretty complete checklist for getting your web series onto facebook... and includes...
1) Open Page – I have often seen the mistake of many companies opening a group or a personal profile for a company. Facebook has created Facebook pages for commercial companies to be able to carry on conversations with their consumers. Pages (unlike personal profiles or groups) enable brands to view insights such as fans demographics, number of interactions with fans, etc.

2) Content is king – Add dynamic content such as screenshots of highlighted areas on your site, videos of explaining your service, stuff that people would be able to look at when they make the decision of joining your fan page or not.

3) Networking – After you’ve uploaded enough interesting content, suggest your page to relevant members in your network.

4) Find your target audience - Finding the people within Facebook that will take an interest in your brand and in your campaigns and make sure they know your page exists.

5) Keep the conversation awake – Create live discussions on your page by both utilizing the status feature and also the discussions app.

6) Excite people about your brand again and again - Create frequent contests and special campaigns for fans to take part in and reward them for their participation with either social or monetary incentives that have to do with your brand.

7) Create a Welcome tab

8 ) Bring Value - Create other tabs that are relevant to your brand.

9) Utilize Facebook’s Insights - How many interactions did you have with fans this week? How many people commented on your posts?

10) Increase your exposure - Promote your Facebook page on your email signature, on your homepage, in other social networks that you’re a part of and in all outgoing materials to bloggers and journalists.



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