Friday, 27 November 2009

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Ric said...

Hi, love the blog!

I'm producing a web series called 'LOL' which explores the teen world of sex, drugs and social networks.

It's shot both on location in Manchester and on the Hollyoaks sets in Liverpool. There are 20 x 3-4 min webisodes in total.

It stars Nicola Mahoney, Bryony Seth and Nico Mirallegro.

Filmed on the Red One digital cine camera, LOL was edited in full HD. We're currently looking for distribution.

Chris David Richards said...

The first three episodes of 'how to be god' will be published in the next few weeks.

A student starts his own religion despite being completely inept with people, magic, and beards.

Chris David Richards

aleem said...

Hi there -

So nice to see a place where all this web stuff can be aggregated.

I'm promoting my new cop show web series, Central Division.

Tubefilter just wrote a glowing review of it called 'Central Division Brings Back the Punchy Dark Cop Show: "Wow. Central Division is one intense cop drama... check this show out, please, you won’t regret it."

storygas said...

Hi Aleem

Only just seen it now via a twitter follow -- NICE site design -- Hope to link to Central Division properly soon...!

storygas said...

And Hi Ric!

Thanks for the message - really truly hope to knock up a proper link to LOL web series as soon as...

...who knows how long that'll take, but the show looks great - well worth checking out!

themechanic said...


Have loved (and used) this great resource for ages, and finally have something worth letting you know about.

Our surreal conspiracy thriller webseries/interactive drama Unreal City is up and running at

The story unfolds depending on the choices made by the viewer along the way, and we're very excited about it's launch.

Hope you enjoy it!

storygas said...

Thanks The Mechanic

Post up now for This Unreal City

All the best