Wednesday, 31 December 2008

StoryGas in December

Things have gone pretty well this last 3 months. This was only supposed to be a hole into which I can throw all the shows I'd be looking into anyway...

Friends who are 'web experts' laugh 'out loud' at my Google AdSense ads (apparently, they are considered naff by those in the biz), but I think I'll keep them up for now - if only as an experiment to see how they work. Sometimes they throw up the odd good banner which is vaguely relevant, and who knows how many cents I'll earn for every billion hits the site gets. To give you an idea of the numbers involved, here's a glimpse at my latest "all time earnings".

New Additions
Bought a domain. It went something like this.

The only casualty from transferring over seems to be the "Updated Blogs" list over on the right hand side. Will wait a couple of days to see if they reappear, and they didn't. So put the blogroll in again. Now I've divided them into two - industry blogs and 'civilian' blogs.

And experimenting with twitter. To wit, here.

Next month?
I've found some others who have coined the terms I've been trying to use - in explaining how "putting everything out there" and making shows which are "open" seems to work best online. I'll try and put these half-thoughts into one post in the next month...
But the best of these is Chris Anderson's blog - example here:-
- It seems more relevant to the world of "factual" - I'd like to explain these theories in terms of my experience of online comedy and drama production... Maybe in one post which I can keep refining.


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