Wednesday, 17 December 2008


From RTE Storyland:-
After much deliberation we are thrilled to announce the shortlist for StoryLand. Many thanks to everyone who entered, the quality and standard was truly impressive.
‘For those of you who made it into the final twenty, you are invited to a pitching round to be held on Friday 16th January at RTÉ, where the winning ten will have their episodes commissioned. We will be in touch with further details but for now, congratulations and the very best of luck!


Erase & Rewind - Alchemy Electronic Arts productions
Writer Tina Pisco
All "Erase and Rewind" links HERE

iCabalot - The Digital Hub
Writers Sarah Francis & John McEvoy

Jenny Was A Friend of Mine - Screenworks
Writers Thomas Martin & Steven Byrne
Screenworks Storyland site
What Does Joe Know? - FastNet Films
Writer Eoin Rogers

Rental Boys
Writer Gemma Creagh

Caped Crusader - Mercury Boy Ltd
Writer Brendan O‘Connell
All "Caped Crusader" links HERE
Mercury Boy MySpace page

Chez Spuds - Igloo Films
Writer Pat McCabe & Johnny Ferguson

The Agency - FastNet Films
Writer Emmett Scanlan
Director's Blog Here

In Estate - Campbell Ryan Entertainment
Writer Sarah Daly

Running Low - Happy Endings Productions
Writer Diarmuid O’Brien
Happy Endings YouTube Channel here
Civilisation dried up shortly after the oil did. But now, a D4 refugee is about to find help in the last place imaginable...

Hardy Bucks - Hardy Productions
Writers Martin Maloney & Chris Tordoff
Welcome to Castletown, Co. Mayo. Home of Eddie Durkin and Buzz McDonnell. Eddie's thinking about a new start in Galway but will Buzz follow?
Episode 1 Part 1

Sullybags - Vico Picture & Sound Ltd.
Writer Patrick O’Driscoll

Take - Still Films Ltd
Writer Maya Derrington

Happy Slapper - Screenworks
Writer Gary Duggan

eHeist - Rolan productions
Writer Robert Lanigan

Psych Ward - Blinder Films
Writers Luke McManus & Sam McManus

Jerusalem Street - Ulysses Films
Writer Deirdre Alexander

Pubworld - Eekreb Films
Writer Steven Stubbs


Morbid & Sons - Moocow Productions
Writer Patrick Kavanagh, idea Nicholas Kananagh

Moocow Theatre Youtube Channel here
Moocoow MySpace page here
Morbid & Sons is a teaser for a web based drama by MooCow Theatre. Currently in pre-production. A comedy about a family of Anglo-Irish Undertakers living in present day Ireland, they're business is under threat of closure as no one is dying in their village and they will stop at nothing to save the business.

Recovery - Capsule Films
Writers Emma Bodger, Thomas Garbutt, Daniel Seery
Capsule Films Blog entry
Capsule Films’ online drama ‘Recovery’ , a high octane tale about a security guard who falls in love with a shoplifter, has been shortlisted as part of RTE’s Storyland project.

All posts labelled RTE Storyland here:-É%20storyland



Anonymous said...

screenworks storyland website under construction

storygas said...

Hey Screenworks

Will be linking to your storyland page here as a post v. soon!

Sarah said...

We pitched for this today, our project is called Cabalot!

storygas said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for the tip off - linked to your trailer here