Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Weekend Video: Entertainment execs talk with Rafat about Hulu, YouTube and more

From Guardian PDA Digital Content Blog:-
During the second session at our LA year-end Digital Media Review and mixer, paidContent's founder, publisher and editor Rafat Ali led a panel with Albert Cheng, executive vice-president of digital media for Disney-ABC Television Group; Miles Beckett, co-founder and chief executive of EQAL and co-creator and executive producer of lonelygirl15 and KateModern; and Lewis Henderson, senior vice president - head of digital for William Morris Agency.

Among the topics they covered were plans for 2009, indie content developers and those online video giants called YouTube and Hulu. Find out what Cheng had to say when he admitted ABC was not on either YouTube or Hulu and Rafat asked, point blank, "Why?"

Interesting for me...
How replicable is the lonelygirl15 model? (Creating a studio from one hit)
Primary focus: "We are an audience company... our goal is built around building community based websites with very rich social features..."
Seth McFarlane deal with Google - (that's fine but what I want to know is) "how do you get something that's unknown distributed effectively?"
"we really believe in building a community around the brand... so there should be a fully featured rich social network around that branded show... that should be the home and everywhere the content goes should increase the distribultion and reach... increase your eyballs...
But ultimately serve to drive people back to the site, so that for the content creator... they have a much more bankable and long-term monetisable asset."
21.00 - 23.03
On Product Integrations.
ABC-Disney on geo-fencing
Why aren't you guys (ABC-Disney) on YouTube?
"We love YouTube - we see Youtube, Flickr, Photobucket as services..."


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