Friday, 30 April 2010

Removed my SiteMeter meter from StoryGas...

My 'Gas meter is gone.

After waiting slowly for my blog here to load, hanging on either this...

or "waiting for "

...enough was enough. I've removed the sitemeter code from this site (which drove the counter at the bottom, causing the blog not to load), and already the page loads SO much faster. Hopefully increasing my page views and time spent on the site.

So on Wednesday, after 16604 site visits, and 27868 page views
- feels a shame to remove something that's been here since the beginning.

I put Google analytics onto Storygas much later.
Which means there is a lower count there.
Just so I can keep tabs on the difference, that's currently running at...

...but I would like to have an counter where everyone can see the traffic to this site...

Any suggestions or recommendations for free website counters???

I'd really appreciate any COMMENTS below - THANKS.


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