Monday, 30 March 2009

RTE STORYLAND - last 3 hours of voting... or 2, or 4...

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It's the final countdown for RTE STORYLAND first episode voting.

Just under 3 hours to go. Just realised the home page doesn't state which time zone.
Which is probably as it should be.

My poll on the other hand is way off thanks to blogger assuming we're all in the US on Pacific Time.
Which is probably as it should be.

So, that's an extra 8 hours to vote on the poll in the sidebar (and I didn't take European Summer Time into account, so there's an extra hour there, and even then I was out by an hour).

Man, this democracy thing is... like... hard.

The real voting place is here:

My links to the shows are here:
Chez Spuds
Happy Slapper
Hardy Bucks
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
Psych Ward
Rental Boys
Running Low
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory