Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Rockville CA is a no-show for US (the rest of the world)

The WB can only be viewed in the United States

Apparently, "Josh Schwartz’s (Gossip Girl, The O.C., Chuck) music-themed web series, “Rockville CA” premieres today on".


I'd love to tell you about how the show features both indie favorites and up-and-coming bands such as Eagles of Death Metal, The Broken West, and Bishop Allen.
Unfortunately, I can't... because this is how the show looks to me.

The WB can only be viewed in the United States

"The WB can only be viewed in the United States."

Which is fine. But it bills itself as a web series.
But you can't see it on the web (outside the United States).

Wouldn't that make it, not-a-web series?

I could direct you to the post which links to a small piece of software that 'masks' your location as one in the US:
How to view US web shows outside the U.S.

But are you really going to bother doing all that?

Me neither.

If I were to write "HOW TO MAKE A HIT INTERNET SHOW", one of the chapters would be "Make sure your series can be seen everywhere".

If this were the 1930's and you made a radio show that you want to be heard by as many people as possible - isn't this a bit like broadcasting it on a very low powered transmitter? Working against the ubiquity that would increase your audience, which in turn might earn you more money.

What do you think?
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