Wednesday, 25 March 2009

LUNCHTIME WATCHALONG - Rental Boys (RTE Storyland)

The second of the penultimate RTE STORYLAND lunchtime watchalongs.

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Rental Boys follows the lives of the staff of two competing DVD rental chain stores in the Dublin suburb of Finglas. Main character Brian, a DIT drop out, is an aspiring sci-fi scriptwriter and the lethargic assistant manager of “Movie-visions”, the rental store that also specialises in most electronics. His average working days generally include run-ins with; his long-suffering manager Pawel, an array of crazy customers and his arch nemesis, Darren, a struggling actor with a great tan who’s the senior staff member at “Filmbusters” - the store where you can avail of sunbeds and diet pills with every new movie release.

This is the only Storyland entry where I couldn't find an embeddable version of Episode 1.

So here's a video from the Rental Boys Vimeo channel instead.

Why people should rent form filmbusters. from rental boys



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Sarah said...

This is funny, original and these guys definitely have a lot to say. I can see the premise working as a TV/Online comedy with the same cast.
Where it falls down for me is in the storytelling. It seems to be caught between something that has a defined plot and something that's random. Random is great, I like it, but, I guess for vote for us what's going to happen? reasons they've added elements that I don't think the show needs.
I'm not criticising here, it's just that I think there are some good shows on Storyland that are better suited to single stories per episodes, like, say, Friends, but because of the competition format, suspense and clifffhangers are woven in at the expense of the show.
I hope they do well though, because I think they're talented and deserve it.