Wednesday, 1 April 2009

StoryGas in March

Romped through the 5000 hits barrier, thanks to the list of Streamy Awards winners.
Hi to everyone new around here.

And great comments on the RTE Storyland competition entries - these shows are well worth checking, the sign of a bigger groundswell rumbling this side of the Atlantic.

I even like the way RTE is kind of reverse-engineering everyone to bring their own "2.0" to the project...

And finally started HOW TO MAKE A HIT INTERNET SHOW (or web series). If any more comes, I'll add it to this link:

Favourite non-narrative website finds this month:-
Ork Vs Dwarf

Seen anything out there worth having a look at?

Any shows to plug?
(Hoping to link to The End Is Nigel, Speedie Date, Rainbow Bridge, After Judgment and Gemini Division soon...)



1 comment:

Joel said...

Hey man -
Thanks for the support of "After Judgment." Not a great showing at the Streamys, but it was - and this is not a cliche! - an honor to be nominated.
You can link it here:

(Mind if I take this opportunity to plug a new show I'm on? "Hillers" at Should launch this summer)

Thanks for the support for Web TV!