Monday, 6 April 2009

Music to write shows by...

When I’m writing, it’s got to be instrumentals. And I think I’ve found the ultimate stream of instrumentals.

The BBC Radio 3 breakfast show on iPlayer.
(Their almost barren home page is here:-)

Three hours long, and a week’s worth on there.

I am totally clueless about classical music, but I love it. And it helps.
As do the spooky photos of the days’ different hosts, Rob Cowan, Martin Handley, & Sarah Mohr-Pietsch.

No ads, no jock schtick, you’re in the hands of pros... for your prose.

Shame you can’t get it out of the UK
-- Do you have any music rituals that keep you going on the keyboard???

Any links to share?

Suggestions in COMMENTS below!

PS (its either that or the “Forbidden Ensemble” porno soundtracks here

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