Thursday, 2 April 2009

RTE STORYLAND Round One Results

Voting for episode one has now closed. We are pleased to announce the top seven dramas will be commissioned to make episode two.

Voting reopens Thursday 5pm 30th April 5pm until 5pm Monday 4th May where you decide who goes on to make a third episode.

Good luck to everyone and don’t forget you can only vote once so make it count!

Spookily close to the results of the home made poll amongst us...
(link here) - final line up is...

1st Hardy Bucks
2nd Rental Boys
3rd Psych Ward
4th Happy Slapper
5th Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
6th Pub World
7th Running Low

8th Chez Spuds
9th This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Hope the Shay and the TINACT keep going -- send us links
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So seven go through this time...

Anyone any idea how many shows will go through to Round 3?

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Emmet said...

In theory 5 shows should go through