Friday, 3 April 2009

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - episode 2 promo (RTE Storyland)

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - EP2 Promo

17-year-old Emma Johnstone's former best friend, Jenny, has recently killed herself and everyones starting to ask questions about Jimmy D - a boy Jenny met online on the social networking site Bebo, a boy who seemed perfect initially, but who turned nasty. Now Jimmy D's sinister presence has disappeared from the internet, people are getting suspicious and Emma knows much more than shes letting on. Emma has a secret and it wont be safe for long because someone is watching her...



Anonymous said...

Episode Two: Results

1st Rental Boys
2nd Hardy Bucks
3rd Psych Ward
4th Happy Slapper
5th Pub World
6th Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
7th Running Low

Rental Boys, Hardy Bucks, Psych Ward and Happy Slapper have been commissioned to make episode 3.

Pub World, Jenny was a Friend of Mine and Running Low are now out of the running.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the top four, I am looking forward to Episode 3

Anonymous said...

Episode 3 will be on-line on 5th June 2009 at 5pm

storygas said...

THANKS for the updates -- been offline for this month -- Hope to link to the next eps soon.

Anyone have any news on any plans for
Pub World
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
or Running Low?