Friday, 9 September 2011

StoryGas Mailbag! 4 Villains the webseries project - @4villains

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From @4Villains 4 Villains
would love to have 4villains posted on your blog check us out here!

4Villains is a fan-interactive series, coming 2011, in which our watchers can create their villains and even have a chance to appear via webcam on our show!

The 4Villains Project is a group of dedicated fanboys (and girls) who love everything comicbook, videogame, and classic gaming alike, formed together to bring this show and game to life. We realize that Hollywood and broadcast television are on the verge of self-destruction unless they evolve to utilize the internet to its full potential. We intend to start there. our show will be free for all to watch and enjoy, and even get involved in! We want our community to be a part of our world, and grow it together!

For more information check out our website:

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