Friday, 16 September 2011

Comedy SQUATTERS SERIES webseries - from the StoryGas web series Mailbag!

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From @thepowerobject The Squatters Series
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An online comedy about not paying rent!

Squatter is an original episodic comedy about two jaded New Yorkers, Hank Pitman (Brendan Bradley) and Alex Selkirk (Erik Scott Smith), who vow to squat for an entire year. They've had enough of inflated Manhattan rent costs and have a plan for how to solve their housing dilemma. With Hank's frat boy charm and rugged good looks, he is confident that he can seduce women and "take them back to their place" for the night—housing problem solved, and some fun thrown in, too. Alex has a different approach: he is going to live at the office, sleeping in his cubicle and freshening up in the employee bathroom.

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