Monday, 18 July 2011

MUVIZU - Free 3D animation program for non artists/animators

Came across this at the Sheffield Children's Media Conference 2011 #tcmc...

FREE download software that allows anyone(!) to make their own 3D CG cartoon.

Can't animate? Won't animate? No problem
- Make animated clips in minutes, or maybe hours, but definitely not months
- Post directly to YouTube from within the app
- Make characters lip-sync to your dialogue tracks

We set out to create software, free for non-commercial use, that would allow anyone with decent hardware to create 3D animated videos. They wouldn't need expensive software and they wouldn't have to spend a few years in college learning animation - and then take further courses in modelling and rigging.

Direct, don't animate
Upload dialogue and direct your actors' performances. Just tell them: "Give me anger", "Give me joy", "Give me fear". With Muvizu 3D, you're in the chair.

Muvizu 3D has thousands of blocks and props to scale and customise. Upload your images and video to incorporate into the scene.

Muvizu Trailer

Tutorial 02: Muvizu basics

Tutorial 06: Creating characters

GHOST HOUSE (made with Muvizu)

Ghost House Ep1: The Phantom Premise (Muvizu/Unreal Engine 3 Machinima)

Ghost House EP 7: Red Ring of Death


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