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Favourite Posts - KIRILL

Started StoryGas just over a year ago, and now going through the blog archive to pick out notable shows and favourite posts.

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From October 2008...

This is KIRILL - Original Post here.

From MediaGuardian:

MSN launches interactive online sci-fi drama

Kirill stars Gladiators and Pirates of the Caribbean actor David Schofield as a besieged blogger locked in a bleak, futuristic and sinister world and involved in a plot to save the planet.

The storyline is woven into MSN's interactive tools, including the social networking site Spaces, its instant messenger tool Live Search, and features developed using the development platform Silverlight. Visitors to MSN's site need to download Silverlight to watch the drama.

KIRILL web series home site:
(But you have to download "Silverlight" to be able to watch it? Will that obstruct an audience joining it?)

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February 2010 update:

UK sci-fi web series scifi webseries Kirill Where can I watch kiril kirril kirrill

Kirill is now also available on YouTube.

Kirill - Episode 1 - Tagged

Kirill - Episode 2 - Water

Kirill - Episode 3 - Outside

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