Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Anatomy of an apparent hate campaign?

This is probably the most toxic post I've made.

Not sure whether I'll even keep it on the blog.

I like to link to examples of a community online deciding when behaviour is acceptable or unacceptable. This exchange made me sad, and then angry. I don't know the people involved, and it appears to have propelled someone onto a wider platform following a baiting or attack on someone in the public eye.

She apparently retaliated, and the exchange developed below.

It's too early, and I have no provenance or background information to even make sense of this. So I'll just lay out the two feeds by way of example.

The first was a simple tweet I stumbled upon.


So I went to @Official Tulisa, and saw this
(newest tweets first)

Hello guys, jus wana set one thing straight for the press in the morn who r kindly twistin shit as (cont) http://tl.gd/6hn56

@xBeckiebabyUKSP thanks hun x
@ChelseaCavill thank u hun much appreciated!x
RT @ChelseaCavill: @officialtulisa (cont) www.tl.gd/6haam
@NokkonWud cheers, thanks for havin a open mind!x
Don't forget about the half greek side my nan wud kill me! Lol

And b4 u haters start I spotted it all ready! Language! Happy now? U try tweetin from a bb with 2 inch nails lol dat ish is haard!

Finally got thru my tweets phew, now I cans say hey fans!lovin the support and I'm sorry for fillin ur page with (cont) http://tl.gd/6gsb0

@hattiecollins havin fun hun, 2day seems 2 be national haters day, they r helarious little creatures I tell ya, (cont) http://tl.gd/6grnh
@xxnevergiveupxx how many times I gotta say, I'm on my bb, its called txt language, ur intelligence is pathetic! Sort it out u dog!
@banj_7 im vile?hmmm..... ur face is vile go away!lol
@joshua_fox well he's he did say I was a stupid bitch that didn't get an education cus I got pregnant and had an (cont) www.tl.gd/6gqe6
@bachini123 cheers hun!

@CKAYSMILEZZ_ I'm on my bb silly! Its called txt slang! Dam girl ur intelligence is awful!
@rhodri_ so does ur mum....dick lol
@CourageTeapartywell let the press no he said I was a stupid bitch who missed school cus I got pregnant at 12 (cont) http://tl.gd/6gord
@Tommo64bit my pleasure make sure u add in I won't say sorry and that negative people on my twitter deserve everyword they get! Cheers!
@SanaTeamBieber hello lovely thanks for the love!x

And then saw the source

tonight has been mad but I think I'm gonna call it a night. Last thought of the day: @officialtulisa = loser and should delete her twitter.

@AKiDEMiKZ i hope you get stabbed.

Can I Just say, I think I might be a reason why N-Dubz is TT-ing.

@chris_marshman i never noticed. @AKiDEMiKZ must be coming on tom the gay faggot warlord.

@AKiDEMiKZ you want me slash you?

@chris_marshman no, i got happy slapped.

@Leiggghhh its been awesome! I could explain but I can't in 140 letters.

@AKiDEMiKZ give you a credit. that was original. its a good photo though unlike yours. nice back; wheres your face?

@NicoleUKSPduku soz.

@ChelseaCavill so your just stereotyping chavs now? thats low. play in traffic... blud.

@ChelseaCavill INIT?

any other @ndubz fans wanna start a fight with me?

@LaurenPetre pfft.

@LaurenPetre oh I have money, I spend it watching proper live bands. Myspace @blitzkids

I take that back.

looks like this NDUBS stuff has died down. I haven't been tweeted for 6 minutes now.. so at the end of the day I won @officialtulisa.

@fennedavies put it in your smartphone. when are your breaks?
@LaurenPetre lucky you.... *cough* you probably stole those tickets.
@alicee_oconnor you love it.
@fennedavies my day off. I will pop over and say hello, just for you ;) PERFECT!
@fennedavies when are you next in?
@WTFItsCiaran I'm listening to The Beatles. Yes LAD!
@LaurenPetre thats because you have no life. let me guess, your biggest crush is Aston & Lloyd Daniels?
@fennedavies :'(
@LaurenPetre cheers bro. i love yours though, it really captures you.
@fennedavies i need to talk to at college. no reasom. it would be lovely though.
@LaurenPetre look at her tweets. you will then see the light...
@fennedavies this is possibly the second best thing to come out of cheshire since cheese
@LaurenPetre yeah! YOU HEARD. BIG UP YASELF.
@LaurenPetre she started it. she called me out.
@morrisminor1313 excuse me tat boy?
RT @chris_marshman: @NDUBZbsup4ever you mean my hot girlfriend, alright I will, have fun wanking off to tulisa in your latest copy of smash
@morrisminor1313 if she was a 'bird', she'd be a turkey ;)
@manda_182 they're not hate tweets. they're tweets screaming for help x
Team Educated or Team NDUBS?

#No1RatesYou Everybody Hates You! @officialtulisa
@LaurenPetre great lyrical reference there. shame i am not from an urban area.
@morrisminor1313 okay tatoo boy.
@DUKUhayles_BsUp emo? my favourite colour is white :L
@J4CKUKSPNDUBZ spell probably blud... Please. (Thats called manners)
@fennedavies Simon?
@DUKUhayles_BsUp you can still be saved.
Retweet if you think NDubz is shit. @officialtulisa #ndubz #are #wank

@EmmaBsUpNDUBZx chatting shit? I'll merk you blud.
Retweet bellesmith94 @seanjoshuadyer is a twisted fire starter tonight!

@Jesobel i aim to please. maybe a follow too?
@WTFItsCiaran take my 1p sweets too.
@WTFItsCiaran www.twitpic.com/10xr0v
@fennedavies your missing my fun fearne. ;) (fenne)
Retweet www.twitpic.com/10xr0v - @officialtulisa - my impression of Nappy. Hope you like it!
Retweet @KaylaBall you're gonna love this...
@officialtulisa i don't drink reb bull. i do like water though... because thats normal. now run-a-long talentless girl.
Retweet @NDUBZbsup4ever i got raped.
@NDUBZbsup4ever i think i have ears. you have a mobile phone for a face
@WTFItsCiaran we rule.
@NDUBZbsup4ever you can have a go when you get an educated music taste.
@officialtulisa your pathetic.
@davina4xfactor get a profile picture. doosh. and shes nothing.
@WTFItsCiaran your 6000th tweet was to me. Rock on.
@chris_marshman its because she got pregnant at age 12 and so missed a lot of school. Did you get an abortion @officialtulisa?


And that last tweet seems to be the start of everything above.

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(How great is that? Labelling this post with Recommended Reading. Guess it's a notable example...)

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Anonymous said...

You know, Neil - this is bizarre cos I stumbled across some of this conversation on Twitter last night Mr Hudson had recommended people to follow Tulisa (cos obv he just did a track with them), i went to look at her tweets out of curiosity and there it was. Shame to see such venom being posted. real shame