Monday, 13 July 2009 - 9 ways to fund your web show

I've been referring many producers to FUTURESCAPE.TV for this great - definitive - list of ways web series are currently funded.

Highly recommend taking a look at futurescape - their updated posts appear in the sidebar here on this blog, down the right hand side.

Are you finding it challenging to attract funding for your next online production?

Chances are that the answer is yes.

The tough economic climate is one reason, as potential advertisers and sponsors may have second thoughts about whether to back your show.

Innovation can itself also raise barriers. Arguably, the more original the project, the harder it may be to secure funding. A production's novel features may increase uncertainly about how it will be created, distributed and received by the online audience.

The 9 ways have identified are...

1) Solve a problem for the funder

2) Incorporate an industry that can be a sponsor - and attract even more sponsors
from a sponsor's point of view, why not look at the possibilities of setting the show in the product?

3) Match characters, themes and storylines with the funder's market
Would your proposed show interest a company already involved in a particular market?

4) Match the show with the funding source's strategy
The £750,000 Central Station is set in the Glasgow School of Art and combines an online drama about three fictional students with a real-life Internet arts community to encourage artists from around the world to post their work online.

5) Match the format with the funding source's strategy

6) Gain in-company incubation and support in kind
Some savvy production companies help staff make their own projects, appreciating the potential of a win-win for the employee and employer. The individual has an opportunity to improve their skills and the company benefits from increasingly skilled staff.

7) Extend the production with new opportunities for others
Are there other ways in which your show’s production can benefit third parties that would reciprocate with funding or other forms of support?

8) Look ahead to show and format sales
This may or may not secure money upfront, but when a distributor supports a show in the international marketplace, it gives the production much increased credibility.

9) P2P financing
One radical model for financing a new production is to take it out to the audience who might want to see it.

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