Sunday, 4 January 2009

Web Drama Coming Soon... Central Station

IT GAVE the world the Scottish indie music scene, the Glasgow Boys and the finest example of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's design. Now Glasgow School of Art has a new progeny: it is set to become the backdrop of a new Channel 4 drama, based entirely online.

Told through YouTube-style video, photo sharing site Flickr, and social networking sites, Central Station will portray the lives, loves and artworks of three fictional second-year art students.

But like the best art, Central Station has ambitions beyond the superficial gloss of teen soaps. Channel 4's new strand for digital content, 4iP, hopes that Scotland's first web drama will act as a hook to draw real-life artists into a new online artistic community, and "discover the new Banksy or the new Warhol" in the process.


More on Ewan McIntosh's blog here:-


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