Monday, 26 January 2009

Storytelling 2.0

From a tweet @clevercelt...

Kathy Hansen poses a great question on her blog:
Does Storytelling 2.0 Mean Open Story Loop?
What other examples of open-loop storytelling are out there?
Is there a downside to this kind of storytelling?
From A Storied Career:-story telling 2.0 story structure in social media
Storytelling used to be a closed loop. As Aristotle said: “A story needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end.” Social storytelling flies in the face of that. It is open-ended. The objective is to tell a story in a way that leaves room for the consumers to fill in the blanks, to add their own tendrils to the main storyline.

Bastholm is primarily talking about branded stories in advertising, but I think this open-loop storytelling particularly applies to the types of storytelling we’re seeing in social media and lifestreaming in which we see ongoing snippets that tell people’s stories. Those stories remain open as long as the folks behind them are alive and telling their stories publicly.


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