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Favourite webseries links: CLARK AND MICHAEL - US online comedy

Re-posting my favourite links through August - and taking another look at some old web series (and by old, in webseries terms, that's 3 years it seems...)

Really liked watching CLARK AND MICHAEL at the time - and now it's all but buried on CBS' youtube channel. So, sorry many of the links below are broken, but they might help you hunt down more if you want to see more of this show.

(Original Clark and Michael post here)

From wikipedia:-
"Clark and Michael is a CBS Internet television series created by and starring Clark Duke and Michael Cera. The series takes the form of a mockumentary following Duke and Cera's ambitions to write and sell a pilot for a television series. Influences on the show include comedy group Stella, Arrested Development, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' Mr. Show, British mockumentary The Office, comedian Larry David, The Larry Sanders Show and the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network.

Duke and Cera play fictionalized versions of themselves, Cera describing the characters as "more idiotic and more deluded". The series is a low-budget affair, filmed on handheld cameras by friends of the duo. The cameras are acknowledged by Clark, Michael and others, who will sometimes address them or those operating them; in one scene, an upset Michael shouts a cameraman out of the bathroom, after which Clark angrily points out to the crew that their contract states "no bathroom stuff". Boom mics are often visible, and the crew have also intervened in fights between Clark and Michael."




Can you embed? YES - from youtube
Can you comment? YES - but seems to have stopped
Also on youtube? YES - but buried on CBS channel
Forums? not found
Blog? YES but seems to have stopped

CLARK & MICHAEL epsiode 1 part 2

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 2 - "Dinner and a Show"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 3 - MISSING???

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 4 - "DA Dad and the Break-Up"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 5 - "Driving School"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 6 - "Office Hunting"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 7 - "Premium Milkshakes"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 8 - "Writing Partners"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 9 - "There Is Only One Highlander"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 10 part 1 - "Kings of Holly"

CLARK & MICHAEL episode 10 part 2 - "Kings of Holly"

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