Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Three More Places For Webseries Creators to stream live video webcasts

Few more places for web series creators to stream live video webcasts, which I'll add to the first list here...

...thanks to @anthonydelosa for the first two: is the easiest way to create live video and show anyone in the world what's happening right now. Using only a laptop, you can share your event, class, party or thoughts, live, to anyone in over 250 countries while they chat in real-time with you and with other viewers. makes it fun, easy and fast to gather and engage with a live audience.

--brought up a bunch of pop up ads for online casinos which put me off...

But the one I'd most like to try next is...

Twitcam posts your video description and link to Twitter for all your followers to see.

While broadcasting, chat with your viewers via Twitter right from your broadcast page.

Once you’re done going live, we archive your video and display it on the same page.

Any more suggestions for places to stream live broadcasts?

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