Thursday, 13 August 2009

Online Video Resource - EQ Network - TV to go

EQ Network kindly contacted me recently with details of their new service - anyone tried it? Leave a COMMENT below!

We’ve recently introduced a new service – the EQ Network – which
enables content owners to quickly personalize video experiences for
their viewers to web, wireless and mobile devices on-the-fly (without
pre-processing), instantly creating additional revenue streams – as
well as a means of distributing your content to millions of devices.

It only takes a few minutes to deploy our Media Delivery Bar - without
any changes to your existing website infrastructure.

The EQ Network is ''TV To Go' and you are in charge.

EQ Network Converts Videos To Mobile-Friendly Formats While Inserting Ads

The EQ Network revolutionizes the monetizing videos on any website. First of its kind service facilitates hyper-targeting of ads using the easy-to-deploy universal Media Delivery Bar


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