Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Felicia Day's Web Series - Four Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting

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Creator & Star of The Guild (and other online series) Felicia Day recently posted this great recap of the advice she would give to anyone setting out to set up a web series, online comedy or drama show...

From Felicia Day's Blog:-
1. How is My Project Unique to the Web?
Web series are all the rage lately, and yet, ironically, many Web Video production companies have shut down in the past 6 months. Why? I think one of the reasons, besides money, is that they were trying to make TV shows on the web. Their shows can’t get traction because the Web needs a different kind of storytelling.

2. How is My Web Series Unique to ME?

3. Who is My Audience and How Will I Reach Them?

4. Do I Know What I’m Getting Into?

My favourite is point 4 -- Here's an extract:-
Name five web series off the top of your head. Chances are those people aren’t making a living off their series, and if they are, it’s not much. Personal experience talking here. Best advice I can give you, is to assume that your web project is a labor of love and your expectations will always be exceeded.

...Web show exists 24/7 on the web and, as such, requires that much time to maintain. You will have to learn many MANY different skill sets, because there is no money to hire out the things you don’t know how to do. Along with Final Cut, Photoshop, After Effects, Excel, Powerpoint, Wordpress, HTML, Garage Band, Music Editing and Composition, Production Design, etc etc I can come up with about 50 more skills that I know PASSABLY well, because at the end of the day someone had to do it.

The internet is the Sundance of our time. Take advantage of it and don’t wait for permission to make your art.



Links to THE GUILD here:-


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