Wednesday, 20 May 2009

WE GOT A SEGWAY. WE GOT A STEADICAM. Let nature take its course.

This is such a tenuous link to web series production, but thought you'd like it.

If only on the grounds of "mad camera technique tip".

Big thanks to Dembroriffic!:-
It should be said that those of us in the Film/TV industry pride ourselves in figuring out the magic and trickery behind technically amazing shots such as this one - so I gave it a watch (skip to 2:39 and watch for the long continuous take):

Or here, isolated, is the breathtaking 27 second single shot from the Belarus entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (Petr Elfimov, "Eyes That Never Lie", since you ask)

(it takes 10 seconds or more to load - to pop out in another window try this:)

Actually it's not that breathtaking - this is breathtaking.


GO SEGWAY! GO SEGWAY! (and man running alongside you - is he pulling focus?)

So, yeah, - if you want a different dolly, get a handle-less Segway. Crash it into the stage and keep running.

And while we're in the mood, this is how Eurovision was done behind the scenes in 1977.
(WARNING - BBC gallery strength LANGUAGE)

Enough Eurovision. Normal service resumed tomorrow.

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