Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Audio Hosting Sites for Web Series Producers

places to upload sound uploading audio files like youtube

Reorganising the sidebar of to be a bit less cluttered, and a bit more useful...

So, started up a new category - RESOURCES - to put things for anyone trying to start a web series.

Here's a list of a load of places to upload audio - it came from me trying to find a youtube-style place for uploading .mp3 files and other sound files.
And being able to embed those files in web sites.

Currently using, but thinking of trying out soundcloud.

Tried any of these? What do you use for audio or podcasts?
Let me know on COMMENTS below!

•Upload and manage your sound bites
•Send ringtones to your phone
•Clip long sound bites to make smaller ones
•Create audio collections and share them

This is what an embedded sound clip looks like.

Video tour:

We’re a small team based in London UK who launched Audioboo in March 2009 as a simple way of recording audio while on the move and adding as much useful data to it as possible, such as photos, tags and location.

We believe spoken word audio has been left behind in the current explosion of online innovation and we’re going to make sure that’s not the case in the future. Enjoy the service – we certainly do.
audio hosting for webseries production uk
"Best way to explain it is by making an audioboo"


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Stephen Young said...

This is a great post. I'd not heard about any of these services. I've used internet archive and posterous, as well as using some of my blogger space, but these ideas look like they all have something special to offer, as they specialize in sound files. I think for ease of use, I've had the most success with posterous, but I will definitely try one or more of these services.