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Favourite Posts - IN THE MOTHERHOOD - Online Comedy web series, and transfer to TV

Started StoryGas just over a year ago, and now going through the blog archive to pick out notable shows and favourite posts.

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From January 2009...

This is IN THE MOTHERHOOD - Original Post here.

From InTheMotherhood YouTube channel:-
Building on its huge success, In The Motherhood, the first-ever online series for, by and about moms, is back for a second season! With a star-studded cast, newcomer Jenny McCarthy joins Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler as they portray the ever-hectic, yet always humorous adventures of Motherhood as told by real moms.

At moms can submit their stories, vote for their favorites and watch as the winning submissions are turned into new episodes starring Jenny McCarthy, Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler!

Online comedy In The Motherhood webisodes


In The Motherhood Web comedy show

Why is "In The Motherhood" special?

The rallying of the community around the show to feed content back into the show.
Each episode is being based on a theme and readers are invited to write in their stories on subjects like Bribing Your Child, or Explaining the Birds and the Bees, and entries are posted on the web.

If you don’t want to write about your kid using your lipstick on the cat’s rectum (photo above) or toddler taking a poop in a hardware store display toilet, you can still participate by reading and voting on the submissions.

"Mother Dearest"
Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler discover that sometimes Mother knows best.

"Grocery Disaster"
Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler confront their worst grocery shopping nightmares with the preacher, panties and policeman.

Research determined that moms were hungry for direct contact with other moms and wanted to have real conversations about real topics that affect their daily lives.

We discovered that many marketers were talking at moms and telling them how to be the perfect mother, but none of them were talking with them.

What real moms wanted was to engage in a dialogue and they were willing to do so via an unique consumer generated comedic online series created by moms, for moms, and about moms, brought to them by Sprint Nextel and Unilever's Suave.

MSN ADVERTISING case study document here
When marketers can transcend the transactional and enter into authentic
conversation, moms respond... Whenarketers develop innovative solutions that cater to moms’ online behavior – as they make connections, find information, get things done, or seek entertainment – and then present those solutions in a way that honors the experience of motherhood, moms respond.

In The Motherhood Episode 1

In The Motherhood Episode 2

via (the excellent) NEW TEE VEE STATION
Starring 30-something Playmate/sitcom star Jenny McCarthy, King of Queens‘ Leah Remini, and E!’s Chelsea Handler, the series’ 7-minute(ish) vids recreate toddler-centric vignettes from stories submitted by real-world moms.

Each episode is basically a concentrated shot of jokes you’d hear from sitcom mothers, those overworked and frustrated (yet still affably sardonic!) foils to their husbands’ childish excesses — but without the contrived plots, laugh tracks and boring supporting characters.

Instead, each show features three, real-life, self-contained stories (toddler craps in show floor toilet, grandma fake-bakes unsuspecting 3-year-old, etc.), with the moms’ yuk-it-up banter segueing between segments. Some of the vignettes even go beyond antiseptic family sitcom fare, e.g., the first episode, when McCarthy’s kid uses lip balm on the family cat’s behind.

Chelsea Handler Interview (In The Motherhood)

IN THE MOTHERHOOD web series transfer to TV.

SEPTEMBER 2008 - From
ABC has given a 13-episode order to “In the Motherhood,” a half-hour laffer based on the online series about the perils of parenting.
Alphabet net announced at its May upfront presentation that “Motherhood” was being fast-tracked for development. The online series was conceived by brand entertainment firm Mindshare, which remains involved with the TV sitcom version

New (ABC) series IN THE MOTHERHOOD YouTube Channel

Share Your Adventures - In The Motherhood

What happened next:
MARCH 2009 -- via @mrjonmacqueen

in the motherhood web series online comedy show
It's an illustration of the strength of online shows to create content from and amongst the communities around them... and the inability of broadcast TV to do the same.

The skew of the article seems to be that it is difficult to achieve legally.

My sense is that it's difficult to achieve editorially.

The depth of an online community IS the show - rather than something a TV series would graft to itself.

Here's a thought: Was Television seen as a "way to develop shows" for radio... back in 1950?
So are we right to apply that logic to online shows today?

From The New York Times:-
This tale of three moms, which has its debut on ABC on Thursday, was created by a marketing company as a Web video series. After drawing millions of views online in the past two years, it was transformed into a traditional network sitcom, making it the first Web show to be remade for network television. But what made the Web series unique — an interactive style of storytelling — was quashed by the legal engine of Hollywood.

On the edition of “Motherhood” (since discontinued), short segments about funny, frazzled mothers were inspired by the real-life stories that viewers submitted via an Internet forum. ABC, similarly, asked for story submissions on its Web site ( and said that they “might just become inspiration for a story by the writers.”

But ABC’s call for ideas from moms drew the attention of the Writers Guild of America, which said this type of request for submissions was “not permissible” under its contract with the network. This week ABC abruptly removed the language about “inspiration” from its Web site, effectively saying that the writers may not be listening to viewers’ ideas, after all.

In The Motherhood abc

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Favourite Posts - EASY TO ASSEMBLE

Started StoryGas just over a year ago, and now going through the blog archive to pick out notable shows and favourite posts.

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From February 2009...

This is EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Original Post here.

Easy to Assemble follows Illeana Douglas as she quits her Hollywood career and goes to work at IKEA Burbank in an attempt at a ‘normal life.’ However your past is often more difficult to leave behind than you think. Especially when Hollywood craziness with its gossip columnists, stalkers and celebrity friends follows you. Can Illeana assimilate in "civilian" life and prove that "art is where you make it?"
easy to assemble web series season 1 ikea web show

There seems to be two home sites for "EASY TO ASSEMBLE".

Season One seems to be here:-


EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Episode 1 - Training Day

Episode 1 of Easy To Assemble. Illeana Douglas's first day on the job. Can she survive?

Easy To Assemble costars Jeff Goldblum, Tom Arnold, Justine Bateman, Jane Lynch, Craig Bierko, Kevin Pollack, Robert Patrick, Ed Begley jr. and others.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Episode 10 - Art Is Where You Make It
(billed as Ep9 on home site because the pilot is counted as ep 1?)
In the Season One finale of Easy to Assemble, Ed Begley helps Illeana realize that "art is where you make it."
Article here:
IKEA is promoting the line, “Easy to Assemble” with an online video series starring director Illeana Douglas and co-starring Jeff Goldblum, Tom Arnold, Justine Bateman, Jane Lynch, Craig Bierko, Kevin Pollack, Ed Begley Jr. and Robert Patrick. Twenty co-worker training videos, initially rolled out online on the SVX channels at YouTube and Metacafe, feature playful if slightly embarrassing moments for staff and guests at an IKEA store in Burbank, California. The campaign is supplemented by a specially designed site,
IKEA based web series easy to assemble

DMW Vlog: Illeana Douglas On Writing, Acting and Producing for the Internet

Los Angeles Actress Illeana Douglas has moved from starring in big productions such as Cape Fear, Seinfeld and Ugly Betty to try her hand at writing and directing. Most recently, she is the creator of an original web series called Easy To Assemble, sponsored by Swedish furniture giant IKEA...

...It has now been picked up by CBS's online component In this interview, she talks about why she thinks that branded content is the way of the future, her vision for Easy To Assemble and the quirky band Sparhusen as well as what it means to be an artist in a digital age. Interview by Jay Baage.

Easy to Assemble Premiere Party- via

EASY TO ASSEMBLE Season Two Home Site - seems to be here:-

Easy To Assemble ikea web series product integration online comedy

Easy To Assemble Cast Interviews

Illeana Douglas's Web Series

Easy to Assemble: Flying Solo (Part 1)

The winner of IKEA's coveted 'Co-Worker of the Year' is revealed, but that's only the beginning. Illeana, Justine and their fellow IKEAns are on a plane bound for Sweden, where new co-workers, new relationships and 'bitter' rivalries combine to re-define 'in-flight entertainment.'

Easy to Assemble: Flying Solo (Part 2)

Illeana realizes who her real friends are, while Store Manager Erik (Eric Lange) makes a possible love connection with Sam (Mia Riverton)

Easy to Assemble: Flying Solo (Part 3)

The special Flying Solo miniseries concludes with what else? A groovy disco dance number. Shake your groove plane and boogie down to Sparhusen's new single: 'Mile High Club' (available for download at

EASY TO ASSEMBLE series blog here:

Can you embed? YES
Can you comment? YES
Also on youtube? YES
Forums? not found
Blog? YES

What do you think?
In 3 words? Or score out of 10?
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Favourite Posts - KIRILL

Started StoryGas just over a year ago, and now going through the blog archive to pick out notable shows and favourite posts.

I'll try to update some of the entries along the way too, and don't forget you can CLICK HERE to get these posts sent direct by email.

From October 2008...

This is KIRILL - Original Post here.

From MediaGuardian:

MSN launches interactive online sci-fi drama

Kirill stars Gladiators and Pirates of the Caribbean actor David Schofield as a besieged blogger locked in a bleak, futuristic and sinister world and involved in a plot to save the planet.

The storyline is woven into MSN's interactive tools, including the social networking site Spaces, its instant messenger tool Live Search, and features developed using the development platform Silverlight. Visitors to MSN's site need to download Silverlight to watch the drama.

KIRILL web series home site:
(But you have to download "Silverlight" to be able to watch it? Will that obstruct an audience joining it?)

KIRILL on Facebook

February 2010 update:

UK sci-fi web series scifi webseries Kirill Where can I watch kiril kirril kirrill

Kirill is now also available on YouTube.

Kirill - Episode 1 - Tagged

Kirill - Episode 2 - Water

Kirill - Episode 3 - Outside

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Favourite Posts - CHELSEY OMG

Started StoryGas just over a year ago, and now going through the blog archive to pick out notable shows and favourite posts.

I'll try to update some of the entries along the way too, and don't forget you can CLICK HERE to get these posts sent direct by email.

From October 2008...

This is Chelsey: OMG! - Original Post here.

Chelsea OMG UK online comedy web series webseries

From MediaGuardian:

Bebo launches comedy Chelsey: OMG!

Social networking website Bebo has made its first foray into comedy with the launch of an interactive show for teens, Chelsey: OMG!.

Bebo's new online show follows American Chelsey Pucks - played by Kelly Anne Lyons - as she moves from a cosseted background in the US to a job in London's fashion scene.

Chelsey: OMG! has been created for the social network by comedian Nat Coombs and Channel X, the UK independent production company that has previous worked with Ricky Gervais, Vic Reeves, Jonny Vegas, Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Peter Kay, Jonathan Ross and Jo Brand.

Two three-minute episodes of Chelsey: OMG! will be screened on each week, along with a host of additional footage featuring Chelsey and other characters.

More here:

The show's home is here:


Chelsey : OMG! - Episode 1

*** spoilers ***

Chelsey : OMG! - Episode 12
Chelsey recalls her favourite genius, Jens!

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Favourite Posts - THE GUILD

Started StoryGas just over a year ago, and now going through the blog archive to pick out notable shows and favourite posts.

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From October 2008...

This is The Guild - Original Post here.

The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call

Cyd Sherman's online gaming addiction brings more than she bargains for...

The Guild is a independent sitcom web series about a group of online gamers. The show started in the late summer of 2007, and for the first season was financed solely by Paypal donations from LOYAL FANS. Since season 2, The Guild has been distributed by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint.

Episodes vary from 3-8 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline.

Click here for the story behind The Guild.
Seems like a bunch of writers and actors got together... and just made it, and uploaded it themselves...

From wikipedia,

"The guild was inspired and written by Felicia Day, an avid gamer, who until 2006 had been playing World of Warcraft.

After a 2 year gaming addiction Day decided to make something productive from her experiences and wrote the series as a sitcom pilot. Day hoped to show that the stereotype of a man living in his parent's basement is not the only kind of gamer.

Due to concerns that a wider (television) audience would not be receptive to the comparatively niche setting, she decided to follow through with it online with Jane Selle Morgan and Kim Evey. Day already knew Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis from the Empty Stage, a Los Angeles based comedy theatre, and their roles were written for them. The rest of the cast was filled through auditions.

After filming the first 3 episodes in just two and a half days they faced the problem of funding. After putting a donation link to Paypal the 4th and 5th episode were almost solely financed by donations"

Web series online comedy The Guild Forums and fan site

"THE GUILD" on Twitter

"THE GUILD" on Facebook



The Guild - Episode 2: Zaboo'd

Cyd Sherman's imaginary world becomes all too real when a gnome warlock shows up on her doorstep.

The Guild - Episode 3: The Macro Problem

Codex's problem with Zaboo gets sidetracked by a crisis in The Guild.

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Surreal Conspiracy Thriller Web Series - UNREAL CITY

This Unreal City web series web drama home page UK

Via comment left here on the StoryGas blog

"The story unfolds depending on the choices made by the viewer along the way, and we're very excited about it's launch."

UK Thriller web series This Unreal City
Something is shifting in the city of London. thisunrealcity is a webseries, a game, a multimedia adventure told online. A conspiracy thriller where you must find the fragments, and put together the truth... Because the truth will set you free. Maybe.


This Unreal City UK web series blog



Unreal City- Chapter One

Unreal City, Chapter One "There's A Crack In Everything".

In Chapter One, Ella Ford discovers that her best friend has been murdered. She comes into possession of some stolen data, and she needs your help to put the fragments back together-- and find out who murdered her friend, and why.



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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Anatomy of an apparent hate campaign?

This is probably the most toxic post I've made.

Not sure whether I'll even keep it on the blog.

I like to link to examples of a community online deciding when behaviour is acceptable or unacceptable. This exchange made me sad, and then angry. I don't know the people involved, and it appears to have propelled someone onto a wider platform following a baiting or attack on someone in the public eye.

She apparently retaliated, and the exchange developed below.

It's too early, and I have no provenance or background information to even make sense of this. So I'll just lay out the two feeds by way of example.

The first was a simple tweet I stumbled upon.


So I went to @Official Tulisa, and saw this
(newest tweets first)

Hello guys, jus wana set one thing straight for the press in the morn who r kindly twistin shit as (cont)

@xBeckiebabyUKSP thanks hun x
@ChelseaCavill thank u hun much appreciated!x
RT @ChelseaCavill: @officialtulisa (cont)
@NokkonWud cheers, thanks for havin a open mind!x
Don't forget about the half greek side my nan wud kill me! Lol

And b4 u haters start I spotted it all ready! Language! Happy now? U try tweetin from a bb with 2 inch nails lol dat ish is haard!

Finally got thru my tweets phew, now I cans say hey fans!lovin the support and I'm sorry for fillin ur page with (cont)

@hattiecollins havin fun hun, 2day seems 2 be national haters day, they r helarious little creatures I tell ya, (cont)
@xxnevergiveupxx how many times I gotta say, I'm on my bb, its called txt language, ur intelligence is pathetic! Sort it out u dog!
@banj_7 im vile?hmmm..... ur face is vile go away!lol
@joshua_fox well he's he did say I was a stupid bitch that didn't get an education cus I got pregnant and had an (cont)
@bachini123 cheers hun!

@CKAYSMILEZZ_ I'm on my bb silly! Its called txt slang! Dam girl ur intelligence is awful!
@rhodri_ so does ur mum....dick lol
@CourageTeapartywell let the press no he said I was a stupid bitch who missed school cus I got pregnant at 12 (cont)
@Tommo64bit my pleasure make sure u add in I won't say sorry and that negative people on my twitter deserve everyword they get! Cheers!
@SanaTeamBieber hello lovely thanks for the love!x

And then saw the source

tonight has been mad but I think I'm gonna call it a night. Last thought of the day: @officialtulisa = loser and should delete her twitter.

@AKiDEMiKZ i hope you get stabbed.

Can I Just say, I think I might be a reason why N-Dubz is TT-ing.

@chris_marshman i never noticed. @AKiDEMiKZ must be coming on tom the gay faggot warlord.

@AKiDEMiKZ you want me slash you?

@chris_marshman no, i got happy slapped.

@Leiggghhh its been awesome! I could explain but I can't in 140 letters.

@AKiDEMiKZ give you a credit. that was original. its a good photo though unlike yours. nice back; wheres your face?

@NicoleUKSPduku soz.

@ChelseaCavill so your just stereotyping chavs now? thats low. play in traffic... blud.

@ChelseaCavill INIT?

any other @ndubz fans wanna start a fight with me?

@LaurenPetre pfft.

@LaurenPetre oh I have money, I spend it watching proper live bands. Myspace @blitzkids

I take that back.

looks like this NDUBS stuff has died down. I haven't been tweeted for 6 minutes now.. so at the end of the day I won @officialtulisa.

@fennedavies put it in your smartphone. when are your breaks?
@LaurenPetre lucky you.... *cough* you probably stole those tickets.
@alicee_oconnor you love it.
@fennedavies my day off. I will pop over and say hello, just for you ;) PERFECT!
@fennedavies when are you next in?
@WTFItsCiaran I'm listening to The Beatles. Yes LAD!
@LaurenPetre thats because you have no life. let me guess, your biggest crush is Aston & Lloyd Daniels?
@fennedavies :'(
@LaurenPetre cheers bro. i love yours though, it really captures you.
@fennedavies i need to talk to at college. no reasom. it would be lovely though.
@LaurenPetre look at her tweets. you will then see the light...
@fennedavies this is possibly the second best thing to come out of cheshire since cheese
@LaurenPetre yeah! YOU HEARD. BIG UP YASELF.
@LaurenPetre she started it. she called me out.
@morrisminor1313 excuse me tat boy?
RT @chris_marshman: @NDUBZbsup4ever you mean my hot girlfriend, alright I will, have fun wanking off to tulisa in your latest copy of smash
@morrisminor1313 if she was a 'bird', she'd be a turkey ;)
@manda_182 they're not hate tweets. they're tweets screaming for help x
Team Educated or Team NDUBS?

#No1RatesYou Everybody Hates You! @officialtulisa
@LaurenPetre great lyrical reference there. shame i am not from an urban area.
@morrisminor1313 okay tatoo boy.
@DUKUhayles_BsUp emo? my favourite colour is white :L
@J4CKUKSPNDUBZ spell probably blud... Please. (Thats called manners)
@fennedavies Simon?
@DUKUhayles_BsUp you can still be saved.
Retweet if you think NDubz is shit. @officialtulisa #ndubz #are #wank

@EmmaBsUpNDUBZx chatting shit? I'll merk you blud.
Retweet bellesmith94 @seanjoshuadyer is a twisted fire starter tonight!

@Jesobel i aim to please. maybe a follow too?
@WTFItsCiaran take my 1p sweets too.
@fennedavies your missing my fun fearne. ;) (fenne)
Retweet - @officialtulisa - my impression of Nappy. Hope you like it!
Retweet @KaylaBall you're gonna love this...
@officialtulisa i don't drink reb bull. i do like water though... because thats normal. now run-a-long talentless girl.
Retweet @NDUBZbsup4ever i got raped.
@NDUBZbsup4ever i think i have ears. you have a mobile phone for a face
@WTFItsCiaran we rule.
@NDUBZbsup4ever you can have a go when you get an educated music taste.
@officialtulisa your pathetic.
@davina4xfactor get a profile picture. doosh. and shes nothing.
@WTFItsCiaran your 6000th tweet was to me. Rock on.
@chris_marshman its because she got pregnant at age 12 and so missed a lot of school. Did you get an abortion @officialtulisa?


And that last tweet seems to be the start of everything above.

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(How great is that? Labelling this post with Recommended Reading. Guess it's a notable example...)