Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New comedy drama web series coming soon - THE VERGE

Thanks to a comment left on What is storygas?
"The series itself is a comedy/drama about James (a suit and tie office worker) who moves into a share house on a street named "The Verge". James quickly realises that he is the "normal" one in a house full of eccentric archetypes (stoner/drug dealer, promiscuous young uni student, closet case homosexual Goth, tyrannical law secretary), and due to events that lead him to live at "The Verge" he must accept his fate and become a member of the house.

Our website (still under construction) is:

However we do have a "teaser" up on youtube which gives an idea of what the series is about.

I would be keen to get your feedback on whether or not it has the ingredients to become a successful webseries once it is up and running, cheers!

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Come to the place where anything can happen in one of the craziest share houses in all of Australia. Some believe, "the world becomes wilder, when you're living on the edge..." Others say: "Welcome to The Verge".

Set in modern day Brisbane, 'The Verge' is an interactive web series about a house of 20-somethings, living, working, playing, partying and loving every minute of it. The house mates form an eclectic melting pot with casual flings, heady relationships, good friends, jealous rivals, sex, drugs and a killer soundtrack to boot.


'The Verge' Extended Show Teaser
Set in a house on a street called 'The Verge' the show is about a group of housemates with very different personalities all trying to learn to get along and live together. Follow the weekly adventures of James, Nate, Rachel, Blake and Bec in the most unruly house you will ever come across!

This first video is our extended teaser trailer with many more shows to come.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,

Just wanted to update a few things about 'The Verge' (being the series creator/director). The web portal to see this show on has been launched at: - we currently have 3 full episodes available online (with more to come fortnightly), and we also have some other series available through this portal.

So please check it out, update the weblink and tell me what you think (I love feedback... as long as it's constructive),