Tuesday, 27 January 2009

HumToo - Connecting Music Makers and Content Creators

From humtoo.com:-
HUMTOO is a meeting place...
It is a meeting place where communication takes place between music makers and content creators regardless of geography or affiliation.

It is a meeting place that enables music makers to get their music into the hands of content creators quickly and easily and to make money from that music - regardless of where the music maker or the content creator are based. It is a meeting place that enables content creators to find the music they’re after and to forge relationships with music makers from all over the planet.

It is an ever-growing community which is constantly developing new ways to connect music makers and content creators.

HUMTOO makes it only about the music...
HUMTOO is a marketplace where content creators can list their projects that are in need of music. Music makers can then pitch their interpretation of a project and, if successful, earn the fee that the content creator is paying for music for that project...

"For Content Creators":-
If you're looking for music, you can create projects from within your profile - specifying the brief, due date, fee and other key information. Then upload your video file of up to 10 minutes in length. Your project can be an ad, a scene from your short or feature film - whatever you have that needs to find a music maker. The market is global - you can create projects based anywhere in the world that will attract music from all over the world and it is FREE to list.

You can view your project any time by returning to the project pitch marketplace. There you will hear new music pitches as they are added. Pitches are sorted by their rating so it is easy to see which music the community reacts well to.

Once the "music pitches due" date has passed view your project to choose a winning pitch. All of the "rate or comment" buttons will have become "select as winner" buttons. Select your favourite music and HUMTOO will automatically put you in touch with the music maker so that they can finish the music for your project.


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